May I keep my husband's cremains "on hold"?

I just read on an examination of conscience site that willfully failing to bury ashes is a mortal sin. Is that right? I have my husband’s ashes in a simple wooden box made to hold my ashes when I die, too. By then I thought I would have picked a final resting place for us. I never intended that we would not have a burial place. Our family is scattered all over and I just don’t know where the right place for us is yet.

When he died 6 years ago, neither of us were Catholic. I came in to the Church 6 months ago.

This is very, very distressing. Am I in mortal sin?

I feel like I just carefully bring him with us when we move - a little bit (I said little…) like bringing Joseph’s remains out of Egypt to go with his family back home. I realize that Joseph was buried in both those places, in a cave or whatever. (?) I also realize that however strongly I feel about it doesn’t determine the truth.
What is the truth? Is this an area that wobbles around in dogma, doctrine or magisterium? I’m too new at this to know if there’s a better question.


Welcome home! These links should give you the guidance you are seeking about your husband’s cremains. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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