May I offer a sincere apology



Hi all,

I regretably say it has been braught to my attention that the only reason for me being here appeared like I was trying to convert you from your belief in Roman Catholicism.

To that I offer to you all that may apply, my sincere apology.

Trying to convert you is not why I am here.

As a former catholic, I came here out of curiosity as to why there is so much friction in the world between non catholic and catholic christians since we are all believers in Jesus Christ. It is my intent to illustrate that there are many non catholics like myself who have a heart for Jesus for the lost souls of the world just like Roman Catholics do.

I am wondering if there was any way that we could work together and build on our similiarities instead of isolating each others differences. Unfortunately, sometimes you need to discuss one to get to the other. I am sorry when discussing our differences, appeared I was trying to convert. Again, not my intent.

For the most part, I have tried to represent the love of Jesus the best way I know how.

I understand, when discussing “sensitve” topics in the forum there will be opposing points of views. I will never say that one’s belief is wrong, however I will ask questions on how they came to that belief.

On the positive to illustrate my intent, please note my recent threads below which people responded positively to.

I recognized two individuals for their kindness and christian attitude to an “outsider” like myself and how they welcomed me here.
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and my most recent
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Through these threads I hope the love I have for Jesus is illustrated.

I understand and I tried to express in the forum that we have a lot of things in common. This has been a very pleasant experience and I have been very warmly welcomed and have met wonderful people here.

It is my hope we can build on what we do believe in,

We are God’s children
We are all brothers and sisters in Christ
We all believe in Jesus
We all believe Jesus has died, has risen and will come again

However we are separated. We are not the one church which Jesus built.

As a former Catholic, I am here to understand better why we are separated.

Lastly, in one of the threads I expressed a common “thread” that we share in which we can work together and be a poitive influence to the lost souls of the world.

Please note if you have not noticed already,

#106 and #107

in the thread I noted that I believe not all Protestants are what Roman Catholics make Protestants out to be and not all Roman Catholics are what non Roman Catholics make Roman Catholics out to be.

In closing, it is my hope that I illustrated to you the reason I am here.

Thank you all

and God Bless you


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