May I pray to a newly baptized infant who died shortly after baptism?

During my training as part of my medical education at a Catholic hospital, a nun on the nursing staff approached me with a newborn infant who had a major hydrocephalus and was not expected to survive more than a day or two. She asked if I would baptize the infant and I readily agreed to perform the rite which I immediately did. The baby died that night.
My understanding is that the soul of the baby immediately went to heaved (therefore I consider him to be a saint).
Is there any reason why I should not pray to this baby to ask for his intercession? I recently did this but I wonder if there is any reason why I should not do so? My prayer was answered within 24 hours.

All who are in heaven can hear our prayers and pray on our behalf. Canonized saints are individuals that the Church holds up as being certain of being in heaven and thus appropriate for public veneration. That should not be construed as an attempt to declare the definitive number of people who are in heaven or to declare that someone who is not canonized is not in heaven. While it would be inappropriate for a parish to hold a public event asking for the intercession of the deceased infant you described, it is certainly acceptable for you in your private prayers to ask for the intercession of someone you believe to be in heaven.

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