May I receive Communion?

I have two adult children who were married by the church and are now divorced. I have been told that parents of divorced children cannot receive communion, because it is our responsiblity to keep the marriages together. My daughter did not tell me that she was divorced until 3 months later my family assumed that I new. If there were any poroblems in their marriage, she never told me. She lives in California and I live in Texas. My son and his wife upon her insistance divorced, as much as we tried to keep them together and only succeeded to do so for ten years, she left him telling me that she did not love him, later finding out that the marriage was for convenience purpose to become a legal resident.


You have been told an untruth. If you are in the state of grace, you may receive Holy Communion. You children’s choices are theirs; not yours.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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