May I receive Holy Communion before my annulment?


May I please request that Fr. Vincent Serpa anwser this thread.
Excuse me if this is a bit wordy but I want you to have all the facts.
I’m a catholic that was married in the catholic church 25 years ago.
after 7 years of marriage I obtained a civil divorce and left the church around that time, but did not have the marriage annuled.
I was re-married 8 years ago to a presbyterian in a civil ceremony.
Just 3 months ago…I walked into confession and thorugh the grace of the Holy Spirit I came back into the church, I have never been so happy:yup:
I confessed to a priest that I am living in a non-sacramental marrige and he asked that my husband and I live as brother and sister, until my first marriage is annuled.
My husband and I want to take our marriage vows in the catholic church when the annulment is complete.
I’m now wondering if I can receive the Holy Communion as long as I do as the priest has asked ? continue to go to confession and keep faithfull to my promise to remain chaste?


Dear Kayla,

So long as you live in a celibate way (as brother and sister) and are in the state of grace, you may receive Holy Communion.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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