May I receive Holy Communion three times in one day?

A have a question concerning Mass and the reception of Communion Christmas Vigil/Midnight/Day Masses. I admit this is a bit of an unusual situation (even for me!) and I need some instruction.

So here’s my situation. A faithfully attend daily Mass, and I plan on doing so on Friday (Christmas Eve). I had also originally planned on going to Mignight Mass, as well as Mass on Christmas day. In the meantime, I have learned that Cardinal Keeler will be celebrating Vigil Mass at a parish near me and have decided to attend that Mass as well. I still want to go to Midnight Mass (as it will be an indult Tridentine Solemn High Mass - which I have never experienced at Christmas before), as well as Mass on Christmas Day. In other words, 4 Masses in two days.

My question, then, is would it be appropriate to receive communion at each Mass? I know that we are allowed to receive up to twice per day at Mass, but with the Vigil and Midnight Masses fulfilling the Christmas Day obligation, is there a conflict? Would I technically be receiving 3 times on Saturday? Should I abstain from Communion at one of the Masses?

Thanks in advance!

Dear mtr,

You may not receive Holy Communion three times in one day. As I understand it, you want to go to Mass on Saturday morning , a Vigil Mass in the evening and Midnight Mass. Midnight Mass begins at midnight. If your Communion at that Mass is on Christmas day, then it would not count as a Mass on Saturday. I hope I got that straight.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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