May I receive the Eucharist even though my sins cannot be absolved right now?

I married a baptized but non-practicing catholic, in a ceremony in Lake Tahoe. My husband has since started going to mass with me and attending classes to get his First Communion and Confirmation, so that we can get married in church.
Last Sunday I went to mass, and my priest said he couldn’t absolve me of my sins, because I was technically living in sin with my husband. Am I allowed to receive the Eucharist even if my sins can’t be absolved? Because I was told that you only had to go to confession once a year to be in a state of grace to recieve it. And my last confession was 5 months ago, before my wedding.

Dear Mrs.,

In order to receive Holy Communion one must be in the state of grace—which means that one cannot have any un-confessed mortal sins on one’s soul. Because you as a Catholic married outside the Church, the Church does not consider your marriage to be valid. Living as husband and wife with someone you are not validly married to is a mortal sin.

If you and your husband decided to live as brother and sister until you are married in the Church, then you could go to confession and then receive Holy Communion regularly.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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