May I study on Good Friday?


I’m a university student with exams coming up; after seeing so many questions about what are appropriate activities on Good Friday, I thought I would check and ask if studying is okay? I’m not planning to socialize excessively, even though it’s our first Friday with no classes, I’ll be fasting and abstaining, and I’m planning to take some time between noon and 3pm to pray the sorrowful mysteries and/or the Stations of the Cross, and try to get to the Good Friday service at my church. If I shouldn’t study, what else should I occupy my day with?



Only you know what your study load is and how much time you have for activities other than study. But I would hope that you could spend at least the three hours in reflection and prayer. Certainly, if you knew that He wanted to visit with you in person on that day, you would turn your schedule inside out to accommodate Him. Well, He DOES want to visit with you. Be sure to have some quiet time to give Him some opportunity to do some of the talking.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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