May I take DNA from cells of an aborted fetus?

Hi I am a student and was having trouble getting my cells to take up DNA and express protein. So my boss told me to use embryonic cells from an aborted fetus that was killed 30 years ago. The embryonic cells are in almost every lab and I have actually grown them before I just didn’t know what they were. I feel very bad about using these cells. Part of me says I did not kill the fetus, but part of me says if I do this then it is like saying it is ok to kill fetuses and take their organs. I have tried asking for a different cell line, but all I get is that these are the best cells to do the project on. If I refuse I will probably be fired and it will be hard to find another position. What do I do? :frowning:


It is true that you are not responsible for the abortions that produced such carnage. It would be alright for you to use them so long as you simply tell your superiors that your willingness to use such a fetus does not mean that you approve of the abortions than produced them.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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