May I watch Ellen DeGeneres's TV show?


Am I allowed to watch Ellen even though she’s a gay and lesbian advocate and leads an active homosexual lifestyle?


A good way to use your prudential judgment in situations like this is to spin out the dilemma. If you’re not allowed to enjoy the (morally inoffensive) work of Ellen DeGeneres (e.g., Finding Nemo) because Ms. DeGeneres is a practicing homosexual, you would also not be allowed to enjoy the (morally inoffensive) work of other artists engaged in sinful lifestyles. That would mean putting The Adventures of Robin Hood, Casablanca, and The Pianist on your list of taboo works because an actor or director involved with those works was known to engage in publicly scandalous behavior in his or her private life.

It doesn’t stop there. Soon you’ll be scrutinizing your bookshelves and your local museum’s walls for possible artworks you are no longer allowed to enjoy because artists in those disciplines have been known to have led scandalous lives.

So, having come to the major conclusion that it is impossible to seclude yourself from sinfully-living artists who have produced masterpieces of great cultural importance, we can work our way back to the minor conclusion that if it is okay to enjoy the morally inoffensive work of great artists, it is also okay to enjoy the morally inoffensive work of other artists in the various cultural disciplines.

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