May I watch Sunday Mass on EWTN when I'm too tired for Church?

Good Morning,

I have a concern about being in good graces with the Catholic Church. I have not gone to confession in about 6 months I think.

I do watch Mass on EWTN and listen to EWTN at work. But my work schedule which I know is an excuse I am using gets me very tired by the Weekend and I have therefore not been going to Mass to recieve Holy Communion.

  1. I have been told by a priest that if I am too tired it is considered not being healthy and there for not a mortal sin not to go to Mass as long as I am not out going to a party or doing some other enjoyable event?

  2. What consist of being healthy for attending Mass to be fully able to participate and focus on the Sacrafice of the Mass?

3)does watching Mass on TV -EWTN is this OK and does it take the place of actually going to a Church on Sunday in regards to what needs to be confessed at the confessional in order to recieve Holy Communion the next time I were to go to Church?

Dear Shib,

You need to go to confession for starters. And you need to attend Mass every week if you are not ill. Being tired doesn’t cut it. How tired was our Lord when He mounted that cross?

Watching Mass on TV if one is ill is fine. But watching Mass on TV if one is not ill does not fulfill the Sunday Mass obligation. It’s like watching the food network instead of actually eating a meal.

If one has enough energy to eat dinner, then one has enough energy to receive the Body of Christ. But most of all, our crucified Lord is worth it! Father meant well, but he sold you short----very short!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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