May Jesus Virginity become a dogma?

Hello, this topic is no offense, but i would like to know if the catholic church may set the issue of Jesus perpetual Virginity as a dogma among many theories that he got married with mary magdalene and so on.

Thank you.

When you say, “…may set the issue…” do you mean if the Church is able to do so, or likely to do so?

To the first question, the answer is “yes.” To the second question, I suppose the answer is “not in a million years.”

But I’m not sure it’s not already dogma (I would think it is). It would not become dogma for the reasons you cite.

Oh, maybe I misunderstood - are asking about “infallible?” Never.

It is already a Doctrine of the Catholic Church and there is no need to pay any attention to those who try to say otherwise. Some of the craziest things seem to be popping up these days. Ignore them all. Pray for those who propagate them. God Bless. Memaw

Several Catholic dogmata (the Greek plural of dogma, for the purists :stuck_out_tongue: ) were believed for centuries, but were not officially “established” until people started raising questions about them. If there is a groundswell of belief that Jesus was actually married, I can see it happening that the Church would define a dogma of Jesus’ virginity.

The Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary were believed from the beginning of the Church but not a defined doctrine. So thats why they were defined a Dogma after the Protestant Reformation as many were starting to doubt them. But the idea that Jesus was married to Mary Magdeline is a fairy tale thought up recently and is nothing but nonsence. I think the 'sexual revolution" is just trying to justify itself. What a shame. God Bless, Memaw

devonsams asks : "i would like to know if the Catholic church may set the issue of Jesus [and His] perpetual Virginity as a dogma?"

Why would the Catholic Church care about Weirdos who have a Conspiracy Theory about Jesus carrying on Sexual Intercourse with a woman (Mary Magdalene, or otherwise)?

This would seem goofy to me.
It is NOT the Practice of the Catholic Church to make “Rulings” about every Stupid thing that non-Catholics will attack us about.
And, I hope it remains that way.

It is taught clearly by the universal ordinary Magisterium of the Church and always has been. At least within the Church, it is not a signficantly disputed point. If its denial became so widespread that the ordinary Magisterium’s teaching on the matter became obscured, then the Church would have to exercise its extraordinary Magisterium, and provide a solemn and definitive judgment on the matter, to call all back to the unity of the true faith.

That’s what such definitions are called extraordinary, they are generall only given when the ordinary means are not sufficient.

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