May my Methodist wife and I receive Communion together?


Dear Friends, I was married in the Catholic Church many years ago. After over 30 years of marriage I was divorced. I have two grown children in their forties.

My first wife recently passed away. Before my wife passed away I married a non-catholic who wishes to retain her faith (Methodist) and not become a Catholic.

My wife and I switch churches each Sunday, once to hers and once to mine. Is there anything I can do short of disavowing my first marriage (which I will not do) to receive holy communion?

Secondly, can my current non-catholic wife receive communion in the Catholic Church and/or can I receive communion in her Methodist Church?

Lastly, I was a First Degree member of the Knights of Columbus. May I once again partake in their festivities?

These questions have weighed heavily on my mind for several years and unfortunately, I have received a mixture of answers to these questions.

Please help and God Bless.



You will have to have your current marriage blessed (convalidated). At present the Church does not recognize it as valid. Only after having it blessed will you be able to receive Holy Communion after having gone to Confession.

The Eucharist is the great sign of unity. There are still many significant differences that divide Protestants and Catholics. The Catholic Church does not permit inter-Communion with Protestants. So you may not receive communion in the Methodist Church, and your wife my not receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

You are also obliged to attend Mass every Sunday. So on the days you accompany her to her church, you must still attend Mass. No non-Catholic church service can ever equal a valid Mass.

Once your marriage is blessed, you may become active again in the Knights of Columbas. You and your wife are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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