May one keep a foot in two churches?

I have a friend who is becoming a Catholic, in fact actually she is one before me… since she has gone through Communion and I am still waiting for my annulment to complete before I can take communion/confirmation… anyway, she is Anglican and Church of Christ history. She has been doing healing ministry at her old Sunday School and not going to “Service”. She feels that she can “divide” her allegiance and she is not wrong (universal) but without knowing why I have told her she needs to be careful and that what she is doing is not 100% correct. Am I wrong? Is she Wrong? How can I tell her (with what words) that she is touching outside of the Church?


Dear Sires,

In rewriting the title, I have stated the problem and suggested its solution. One can only belong to one church at a time. If your friend wants to be a Catholic, then she must terminate ALL activities in her former church. Even within the Catholic Church people are allowed to belong to only one parish at a time. What she is doing is not fair to either church.

To be a Catholic is to humbly and completely submit oneself to the authority of the Catholic Church—which is the authority of Christ. This she is not doing.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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