May one receive Holy Communion after a tubal ligation without having it reversed?

My Wife (age 33) had tubal ligation a few years ago, I was against it then and now. I want it reversed, she doesn’t. she went to confession, the Priest did not suggest reveresal, so she feels she can receive holy communion. I have many questions on the Catholic Churchs stand on this.

  1. Can She receive holy communion without reversal?
  2. Can I receive holy communion?
  3. Can we still have sex without the reversal being done?
  4. What is Marriage debt? and how does it apply here?
  5. Does Annulment apply here if she refuses the reversal?

Dear M,

She needs to have repented of having sinned in this way and have received absolution in the sacrament of Penance. She may do some form a penance over and above what she receives from the sacrament, but she is not obliged to. She may then receive Holy Communion without a reversal. You may both have sexual relations without her having had a reversal.

The “marriage debt” is the obligation that married people have to give themselves to each other in sexual intercourse.

Annulment does not apply here.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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