May relocate and need to know if TLM is near

I am possibly transferring to Kansas City, MO and would appreciate any information on TLM locations in the area. Thank you.

Boy are you in luck,



There may be even more, but these were the first three
when I did a google search. They look great.

somebody offer me a job in KC-----Old Saint Patricks Oratory looks amazing!!!

Look out for those SSPX guys. That’s the Society of St. Pius the Tenth (X) [edited by moderator]. Do a search on Catholic Answer’s home page to find out more.

You can go to Old St. Patrick’s Oratory, one of the Apostolates of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

sadly there are catholic popes in history who are not exactly role models for the catholic faith.

The SSPX has grown and prospered [edited by moderator].

(No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit Lk. 6:43-45)

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Yes, we have a lovely TLM Parish. The Bishop has been vary favorable to the TLM. Great Parish and a great place to live. :slight_smile:

Old St. Patrick

It’s currently still in renovation but the TLM Mass is held at Our Lady of Sorrows.

It will be when it is restored. Work is progressing and we look forward to when it is open.

When will it be open?

The TLM is very alive in the KC area. I don’t believe there is a completion date yet for OSP. Fr. Bucholz is a great man, he has done amazing things with the community in the year or so he has been here, plus he is very friendly and a wonderful homilist. Sorrows is a unique parish with a warm history, not to mention its only minor interior changes.

Welcome to KC, come by the Cathedral sometime, if you sit behind the altar, its like the NO ad orientem (not kidding, its great).

Well, that is hard to say. It’s a major renovation from the ground (literally up) As money comes in, the work is being done. It had fallen into quite a state of dis-repair and then also, they are trying to restore it correctly for the TLM. Some items are lost and an effort to replace them takes time.

If you check out the web site, you can see the progress and how difficult it is. It is going to be beautiful though.


When asked how he knew that this home-made pillar support would hold the estimated 10-ton choir loft when the supporting base was removed, Oratory member, Don Deister said, “…just my years of experience. I wasn’t afraid for a moment”.

In his basement, Don built from scrap steel, a clamp (see the small photo below to the left) that wraps around the steel pillar and supports the massive weight of the choir loft. The clamp, he calculated would hold up to 20 tons. Next he and his crew supported the clamp with two steel I-beams underpinned with some old screw-jacks donated by Oratory member Bill Fitzgibbons. Then the screw-jacks were adjusted to actually lift the choir loft 3/16". Screw-jacks like these are typically used to raise houses for moving.

The next step was to remove the crumbling brick base under the steel pillar (see the “before” photos near the bottom of this page). It will be replaced with a reinforced concrete and a two-foot wide concrete base up to the bottom of the pillar (see the small photo to the right below). Once this is done, the same procedure will be used to accomplish the same thing to the other supporting pillar, just to the north. When complete, the choir loft will be safe and sturdy for at least another 100 years. No fear and faith in God can move mountains.

Hey, there’s also a Kansas City on the Kansas side of the state line.

In addition to Old St Pat’s on the Missouri side, we have a very active community on the Kansas side staffed by the FSSP. See

I’ve also been to the SSPX church which is very beautiful and has a school/academy attached to it.

In addition to the above, there are two congregations of traditional nuns that have convents here. One is affiliated with the SSPX and the other is not.

Yes, we are very lucky in this metro area.

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