May the "Elect" be invested in the Brown Scapular?

Friends :),

I was very moved by someone who gave me a Scapular of our Lady of Mt. Carmel to wear, but not sure when to be invested. The local rector of the cathedral said he’d be happy to invest me with it at a low weekday Mass, but I am only one of the RCIA “Elect”. Should a person who is not baptised be solemnly invested in the Scapular with the Book of Blessings at the end of Mass, or not?

This is rather important as a sacramental, and I realise it may not be the proper forum to ask… but it seems close enough. :smiley:

It would appear not - see the quote below from Wikipedia:

Any Catholic priest may invest a baptized Catholic with the Brown Scapular.

yes it is a sacramental not a sacrament
what should not happen is that everyone in the group is forced to participate in the investiture as a ceremony for which they have not been prepared and catechized. It is not wrong if it is something the individual chooses, but the RCIA group as a wholeshould stick with the rites appropriate to the catechumenate. For one thing the blessings and other minor and optional rites already contain what they need, and the catechesis for them is contained in the rite and its preparation.

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