May we cook shrimp in bacon grease on Good Friday?

My wife came across a wonderful recipe for grits and shrimp that we have had once already this Lent on a Friday. The recipe calls for bacon to be added to the grits so we obviously left that out. She asked me today if we should have that this coming Friday (Good Friday) and I thought it was a good idea. She wondered to me if she could cook bacon and save the grease, put the bacon aside for another day and then cook the shrimp in the bacon grease.

I have heard/read something about whether this was cool or not but not thinking it would ever be an issue for me I did not pay attention. So I pose the questions to this forum. Can shrimp (or other fish) cooked in bacon grease be consumed on Friday’s in Lent (or other days of abstinence) still fulfill the requirements for abstinence?

By the way, I understand the difference between fasting and abstinence and plan on keeping my Good Friday fast. Just wondering about the abstinence part.

Thank you and God bless.


Since the Church now allows soups made with chicken or beef stock with no meat, I suppose that, technically, bacon fat is allowed. But the context of Good Friday is penitential. To use another, less tasty oil or fat would be more appropriate. Our Lord suffered so much for us on Good Friday. The least we can do is forgo such niceties on this one day.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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