May you have...


May you have
Enough happiness to keep you sweet
Enough trials to keep you strong
Enough sorrow to keep you human
Enough hope to keep you happy
Enough failure to keep you humble
Enough success to keep you eager
Enough friends to give you comfort
Enough wealth to meet your needs
Enough enthusiasm to look forward
Enough faith to banish depression
Enough determination to make each day better than yesterday

A little prayer for you all from my heart. :heart::hug3:


That was beautiful!:thumbsup:


Thanks for that lovely prayer :grouphug: :love:

I’m gonna print it out for sure!


Thanks Lily:)

I don’t know who wrote it but I’ve always loved that prayer and I pray for it for you and everyone.


Very beautiful indeed… I had to search the net to find out who wrote it… Turns out it was written by Reverend Paul Osumi who use to write a column for 38 years in the Honolulu Advertiser and died in 1996.

In reading excerpts from his writings here and there on the net I can tell he was a very special man.

God bless


Oh thank you Maryam! I’ll do a search myself, why I didn’t think to do that I don’t know, no accounting for stupidity!!:smiley: You have made my day, thank you and thank God.:slight_smile:


Not stupidity… just that I have fast fingers…LOL… beat ya to it! haha

You’re very welcome,

God bless ya :smiley:


I love the painting in your signature. You are a very talented artist.


Thanks… It’s the only icon I have done using Watercolor Paint. I I use acrylic paint for the rest of my paintings.

And to keep things on topic… :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s another quote from the Reverend Paul Osumi:

O God, Bless those for whom life is unhappy.

Bless those who are underpaid and overworked, and those who are always tired

Bless those who are always taken for granted, and those who are never thanked, or praised or appreciated.

Bless those for whom life is lonely and empty, and those whom illness has handicapped or laid aside.

Bless those who are worried. Amen — Rev. Paul Osumi

God bless


Thank you, I much needed that. :slight_smile:


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