Mayan Abdominal Massage


On the forums we often read about female health problems, especially those related to fertility. Sometimes the treatment prescribed is at odds with Catholic morality. In Belize, where I now live, traditional healers use abdominal massage and other natural practices with great success. I know in recent years that individuals, trained in workshops in Belize, have set up shop in the United States and elsewhere.

Usually the healer practices a mix of Catholicism and traditional Mayan spirituality (often tolerated if not celebrated by the Church here), which you may have issue with. The massage itself though seems quite effective and is completely moral, unlike certain medications.

Just thought somebody might be interested. Check out Maya abdominal massage.


I don’t think it’s an exclusive thing, I have several aunts in Mexico do this type of abdominal massage without any “spirituality” attached to it. It’s just a massage treatment that may or may not be painful and, depending on your situation, make take several visits.

My Godmother does this and while I was in Mexico for a couple of weeks she gave me several abdominal massages…it was painful, I won’t lie, but I got pregnant within the month. I got married in October, went to Mexico in June and got pregnant in July:shrug:, I think the massage worked:thumbsup:.

I’m not saying this would work for everyone…all I’m saying is that this natural method has been practiced for thousands of years and I know it works without compromising your health in any other way, just my:twocents:.


I would really like to hear from someone that this massage is ok for Catholics? I would like to try it but don’t want to get into anything “spiritual” inadvertantly.


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