maybe CAF can help

A family friend is going to undergo cancer treatments at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. She cannot afford a hotel room for the month she’ll be there as almost all of their money has already been spent on treatments closer to home. If anyone lives in the area or knows people in that area and think they could help her find a one bedroom apartment to rent for a month, or a room in somebody’s house to rent for a month, or anything that might work, could you maybe pm me or post in this thread? Anyone else reading this, please just pray for her. This is pretty much her last chance.

Have you contacted the diocese in the area she will be staying in? Also, if there are any Catholic colleges or universities in the area… maybe you could ask them about her using a vacant dorm room during summer session when they are usually not full.
I live in Connecticut…so I am of no help in this situation.

Has she contacted her Parish Priest, the St Vincent de Paul at her Parish, Catholic Charities and the same orginizations in the city where she will be staying?

She’s not Catholic so she’s not tried any Catholic resources. She’s worked with my dad the past ten or so years and he said they’re going to take up a collection to try and help her pay for lodging while she’s there, but as far as I know that’s the only charity she’s getting. She’s not the type to ask for help ever. I will try and find a phone number for the parish near there and see if they have any resources that might help.

I talked with Catholic Charities and they said they could not help in this situation. They said they only help with paying deposits and rent that you can’t afford, but they referred me to the Lake County Housing Authority. I left a message with them but have yet to hear back.

This may seem crazy, but it’s an idea:

Probably couldn’t stay at one place the entire month, but maybe a few days or so until she could find more permanent-temporary housing.

Assuming I did the search properly, there was only one listing within 50 miles of where she’s going to need to be. It was a nice idea though, and if no one can find anything promising in the next few days I might give that one person a call and see if he knows of something closer :shrug:

I would contact the churches in the area directly, Catholic and/or Protestant. I would think that someone would be able to help. I would think that if that were here where live, I would be able to find someone to help. I would get the phone book and go down the line of churches and ask for help or suggestions.
Also call the hospital where she is going and ask to speak to a social worker. They may have suggestions.
I will pray for a solution to this problem.
Please let us know how this works out.

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