Maybe he was passing the baton!


Praying the Mysteries of Light, I get to the fourth mystery, The Transfiguration… What was Jesus doing up on that mountain? Was he just showing who he really is???

See who is there, Moses and Elija, Peter, James, John and don’t forget the Father and where Jesus and the Father are, there is the Holy Spirit…

I heard that Moses and Elija represent the Law and the prophets from the Old Testament. Seems like Peter and James could represent the Law from the New Testament and John could represent the prophets from the New Testament… Peter and James headed up the new church–Peter first and then off to Rome and then James in Jerusalem… John wrote the Book of Revelations which could be prophetic…?

Maybe Jesus was passing the baton from the Old Testament to the New…


From the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, Jesus says, “This is my blood of the covenant” (Mark 14:24) was spoken at the Last Supper.

This is like the institution of the Mosaic covenant in Exodus 24:8.

The Catechism has:

556 On the threshold of the public life: the baptism; on the threshold of the Passover: the Transfiguration. Jesus’ baptism proclaimed “the mystery of the first regeneration”, namely, our Baptism; the Transfiguration “is the sacrament of the second regeneration”: our own Resurrection.300 From now on we share in the Lord’s Resurrection through the Spirit who acts in the sacraments of the Body of Christ. The Transfiguration gives us a foretaste of Christ’s glorious coming, when he "will change our lowly body to be like his glorious body."301 But it also recalls that “it is through many persecutions that we must enter the kingdom of God”:302

[INDENT]Peter did not yet understand this when he wanted to remain with Christ on the mountain. It has been reserved for you, Peter, but for after death. For now, Jesus says: "Go down to toil on earth, to serve on earth, to be scorned and crucified on earth. Life goes down to be killed; Bread goes down to suffer hunger; the Way goes down to be exhausted on his journey; the Spring goes down to suffer thirst; and you refuse to suffer?"303[/INDENT]


Interesting question…

I thought they were just talking…

The prophets Elijah and Moses appear and Jesus begins to talk to them. Luke states that they spoke of Jesus’ exodus which he was about to accomplish in Jerusalem.(Luke 9:31)





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