Maybe I am being scrupulous



Maybe I am being scrupulous. I would like to buy "The complete chronicles of narnia" from They sell great stuff, but a lot of sinful things too. Same with walmart. Would it be a sin if I were to buy this book from amazon, or say, a bar of soap from walmart, since this is supporting them in their business, yet, passively I suppose you can say, supporting them to continue selling their sinful material?

Thank you, God bless! :slight_smile:




scruples. yes.


A priest once told me that as long as you are not purchasing a product from somewhere in order to support a certain sin, then it is okay. If you were buying something from Amazon in order to support that sin, then that is a different story.

By the way, I heard on the news this morning that there will be a big sale on tomorrow for prime members. If you are a prime member, then you should look out for some possibly good deals tomorrow.

I once worried about this too, but when a priest told me what I posted above I felt better.


Sorry, I’m new here (first post) and am still converting to the CC, but is “scrupulous” a bad thing?

According to the dictionary it means stuff like diligent, thorough, having moral integrity, but a few times now I’ve seen it mentioned here as if it was some kind of sinful overzealousness. Is this correct? Or am I missing something?


Being scrupulous is not a good thing, but it is not a sin. (At least from what I have seen and been told.) Scrupulosity is a form of OCD that includes an excessive fear of committing sins (especially mortal).

Here is a link if you want to read more about it:


Oh, I see. I thought it was something related to the Church.

Thanks for the clarification.


Don’t buy anything at Walgreens or any other pharmacy for that matter, they all sell contraceptives! :eek:


Geez, really?

Where in the world am I supposed to fill prescriptions?

Every pharmacy sells contraceptives. Every hospital is complicit in prescribing and administering birth control. Just about every single OB-GYN and general practitioner prescribes birth control of some kind.

I need general medical care, my kids need general medical care…which means transport to the nearest hospital and making appointments with local doctors we know are competent and good at what they do.

I need meds, my kids need meds…therefore…I’m going to a pharmacy to get my meds.

I could care less what they sell…whether it’s moral or not.

Every single store you walk into has a massive section dedicated to condoms.

Where in the world is anyone supposed to shop?


Yes you’re being scrupulous. Buy the book from Amazon only if it’s more convenient or cheaper than it would be if you were to buy it from WalMart or Barnes & Nobles. If you’re actually worried about this kind of thing, you need to talk to a priest at the very least and listen to what he tells you. Speaking to a psychologist about dealing with OCD might also be beneficial, as scrupulosity can be a symptom of OCD.


Don’t get so excited …I was trying to show how ridiculous the OP’s fear of shopping at Amazon or Walmart is.


Sorry…given how CAF is sometimes…it’s really, really hard to pick up on the sarcasm.


Like a joke …it falls flat when you have to explain it. :wink:


Scrupulosity is not a sin, but it can become a drain on your spiritual life. A good spiritual advisor can help you to overcome it.



I’d also add that considering Amazon/Walmart/Walgreens/etc are “in it for the money” - buying morally good / neutral products will encourage them to have / offer /promote more of that product.

Ex. would be CVS that decided to quit it’s tobacco sales (which were declining) in favor of promoting it’s “healthy” side (which is predicted to be growing). They didn’t quit selling tobacco because of their morals but were looking at it from a financial perspective.

So to me, by buying these items, I’m telling the retailer what I want them to carry more.


Amazon carries jewelry, too.

I found some very pretty rings and they weren’t expensive at all. Yazilind is the name of the company that makes them, but since they are in China, it takes a long time for them to arrive to the destination.


I’ve gotten two rosaries and two little Marian statues from Amazon (one a rosary holder), and a few Catholic books for my tablet… which reminds me… prime time!


I do not think you are being ‘scrupulous’ or in any way ridiculous, you are simply unsure of the relevant moral principle involved in purchasing products from shops which sell products which cause great harm and unsure of how to apply that principle.

Those seeking to help you should not treat what you have asked as ridiculous and dismiss it but should try to explain to you the moral principle involved and how to apply it.

You want to buy a book to acquire knowledge; This is your intention, and it is good.

The act of buying the book is not wrong, so the act itself is not evil.

So it comes down to the effect of buying the book, whether the good that comes from it outweighs the harm. We should not accept harmful effects if we can reasonably avoid them. Any harm that comes from buying the book is trivial and so you do not need a very serious reason to buy from Amazon rather than somewhere else. That said, if you can without great difficulty or significantly greater expense buy the book from a company which does more good or less harm you should do.


That said, maybe you should not waste your time reading fiction. Also, beware of C.S. Lewis’s theology - he was not a Catholic.


I love C. S. Lewis dearly, ever since I read Narnia as a child. What in particular about his theology do you find objectionable? I am told that he was extremely close to conversion at the end of his life, under influence from Catholic friends such as J. R. R. Tolkien. I have never found any evidence that his theology was faulty or that he led Catholics away from Rome.

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