Mayor Walks Out on Invocation Prayer to Satan, Zeus, Allah

Think about this the next time you see a “Coexist” bumper sticker. There is only one God–Jesus Christ!

Weird. I laughed when he mentioned Thor. Is he a “real” god or just a comic book thing? I understand the point. If you are going to pray during government meetings, you should include at least all religions in your demographic. Sure the majority of America are Christians, but in a republic you have to recognize the rights of all individuals.

Keep with a moment of silence so all can pray to whoever. :shrug:

Thor is a “real” god. He’s the Scandinavian and Germanic equivalent of the Roman Jupiter or the Greek Zeus. The comic book character is very loosely based on him.

If you prayed to every “god” that people in your demographic believe in, wouldn’t that mean praying to false gods? Because I think that’s idolatry. What do you think?

Also, I don’t think people have a right to have their mayor pray to the god they believe in.

That’s why I am pro moment of silence. :slight_smile:

I am pro praying to the God you believe in. There is nothing offensive about that, if I understand it correctly.

If that’s the case, then whoever is doing the invocation could pray to whoever. Did you watch the video? This Atheist prayed to Mother Earth, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Zeus, Thor, and I can’t remember them all.

Anyway, I feel like that is a slap in the face to well, everyone. No matter who you worship. A moment of silence wouldn’t offend anyone and we wouldn’t have crazy people making these kind of invocations.

If the atheist agreed that we should only pray to someone we believe in, he wouldn’t pray to anyone. And since that’s reasonable, that means, to me, this atheist was just being unreasonable. He just took the opportunity to make fun of Christians. I’m not sure if I think that should be prevented or not, but if it was, I think you could still have public prayer for people who do believe in God.

In some areas, if you did that, you’d never actually get to the meeting portion of the meeting. :stuck_out_tongue:

He wasn’t just making fun of Christians. He was making fun of religion. Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Pagans. This was a joke to him. It was inappropriate. I don’t want my government to pray to Thor, so I would rather have a moment of silence. That way, atheists can roll their eyes and everyone can say their silent prayer to whatever. Again, in a republic, which is what the USA is, you have to recognize the rights of all. Not just the ones who claim to be Christian.

Lol. That’s why I’m for a moment of silence. I would giggle at some of those gods. :D:p

What right is violated by praying to the God you believe in and not mentioning someone else’s “god”?

Or do you mean: if Christian officials are allowed to pray to God during an invocation, then an official who believes in Thor would have the freedom to pray to him? Because I think that’s reasonable, unless the belief is insincere.

In other words he is a made up fictional godling that even the worshippers of that time knew was not part of reality.

The latter. You would be fine with listening to a prayer to other gods?

As the English would say “he was taking the p*ss.”

Zeus? Thor? They must have gotten the town name wrong. This could only happen in Burbank.

What is wrong in praying to the only God? I am sorry. I am sick of considering everyone’s feelings when it appears that many in America are hell bent on attacking organised Christianity wherever it is publicly proclaimed. Your forefathers did not want the separation of State and Religious Belief to be anything but freeing. It was never meant to be a weapon of attack on organised religion, rather the ability of all to worship as they please.
If you continue to allow atheists, devil worshipers etc to mock public displays of piety, ever rare, than you will get the society you deserve.
A minute silence is frankly a cop-out and a failure to stand for Jesus publicly.
America, get some guts.

I think that’s a good compromise. :slight_smile:

Not everyone worships Jesus in the country. I’m sorry, I pray for conversions, but people have free will and the freedom to worship who they please. Not all prayers are to the Christian God, so there can and will be invocations like this one. Moment of silence or shut your mouth, because everyone is allowed to worship as they please and who they please.

Christians are free to pray only to Jesus in their homes, churches, or anywhere else theny want. However, if we make OUR prayer to OUR God part of a government function, we have to be willing to support those of other religions in making THEIR prayer to THEIR deity part of the same government functions.

If we don’t want to be forced to hear prayers to deities in whom we do not believe, we cannot forced those who do not believe in our God to hear prayers to Him.

That’s why a moment of silence accommodates those of all faiths or none at all.

However, there was no prayer in the incident mentioned in the OP; it was merely a crude insult to all religions.

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