MC surplices

I have been serving in my parish for 16 years now and recently the parish mc have died and I have been told by my Parish preist that I’m the new mc. I felt really honored that he chosen me to be the mc. I was also told that I can by a new surplices and I have and I’m was wondering what People options on my new surplices.

That’s a beautiful surplice. Where is it from?

I own the Vienna surplice from Almy at It is very long and interferes with kneeling so I have ordered the one from Gaspard pictured below. It is very short compared to most. It also has eight thinner pleats which I like.

Gaspard makes some nice appliques if that is what you mean by options. l like the lilies applique but don’t want to clutter the look and so haven’t decided yet.

You can always have it embroidered. Some vendors will offer embroidery for a small fee but then you can’t return it. A gold Jerusalem cross on the front would be nice.


]this is where I got mine from

I had a look at alms but I wanted that has IHS design lace inset. I think for Easter I might get a new cassock with a band cincture

So what do you mean by options? Are you looking for appliques or embroidery?

Here is a picture of the lace insert on the Almy surplice.


I’ve order it and now I’m waighting for it

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