McAfee 'bad pattern' update causes file deletion problems


SECURITY experts said that McAfee has recently released a bad pattern that triggered “false positive alerts” in its antivirus software, causing it to incorrectly identify many Windows executable files as virus-infected.

i figure there are alot of people here that use McAfee. Just wanted to share this because i had a five alarm fit yesterday.

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT empty your “Quarantine” folder. wait for Mcafee to release a fix, or if you know how on WinXP, use System Restore.

for the computer laymen out there, call McAfee and get them to walk you through fixing everything. if you are paid up with your subscruption, they OWE it to you to make this right.

if at worst, private message me and i can try and walk you through. this is a NIGHTMARE for some people.

most of all, DONT PANIC and so something stupid. you can always bang your head against another desk like i did.


Thanks for the alert! I am sure there are still many people who use McAfee (as it comes bundled with many new computers). I learned long ago, though, that McAfee is unreliable at best, and so I switched to another anti-virus program. I use Avast 4 Home ( now, and I have not had a single intrusion in years! It updates automatically several times a day, and when I run system scans my PC is always clean. I love it.


Duplicate thread. Other thread is in the Water Cooler.


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