McCain on SNL

What did you all think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Very funny and very fair to McCain… Tina Fey also funny and Ben Affleck was kind…

Outstanding. I was THRILLED for John McCain.

Also funny on Weekend Update…

:thumbsup: :stuck_out_tongue: :thumbsup:

Reverse-Double-Maverick-Sad-Grampa Campaigner

I LOVED the QVC spot!

And I liked the “sad grandpa” strategy!

Frankly, I think he was very smart to do this gig. He got about ten minutes of glorious air time, showing his best traits (sense of humor, charm, friendliness, willingness to laugh at himself, etc.) and also his beautiful wife!–without having to spend several million dollars of precious money.

It seems so obvious to me that if Sen. Obama wins, it will be because he spent more money. Will that be his answer to every problem in the U.S.–throw more money at it? God help us.

Now it’s too bad that 14-year-olds (the target audience for SNL!) can’t vote!

DOUBLE MAVERICK! xD (and Palin 2012!)

It was hilarious. Even my mom liked it and considered voting for him. :thumbsup:


The commemorative town-hall debate plates? “They’re all blank! But they’re still nice plates.”

“What’s going on over there, Sarah?”
“Oh nothin, just talkin about taxes.” wink

He’s got a good sense of humor and had me laughing through that entire QVC skit.

He was good, but it isnt going to help him win at this point. What it will do is help him in defeat because of his self depracating humor which goes a long way with people. :slight_smile:

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