McCarrick housed in my Diocese


My Bishop has agreed to house Ex-Cardinal McCarrick at a Friary in my Diocese. I agree that he needs to be kept somewhere for his prayer and penance. But why did they consider The Diocese of Salina, KS? :thinking:


Is there room down the road at Leavenworth?


Bishop Vinke has stated to the effect that it is about GOD’s Justice. We are to pray for his soul…which prison in Leavenworth? There is more then one.


Is the Friary in the middle of no where? Or do they have a lot of land where he will never be seen again?

Perhaps that’s the reason?


My Diocese is roughly 26,000 sq. miles. The Friary is in a small town.


Yes. It’s in a small town, but basically rural prairie. Oddly enough, the Church, St Fidelis, was declared a minor basilica a few years back. They call it the Cathedral of the Plains.


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Might be better to send McCarrick to live with the Carmelites in Wyoming. Make him cut his hair, etc.

But then again, why punish the Carmelites…


That’s seems too nice for him…

He should go where it is poor and/or rough.


Can you imagine a worse fate for someone who’s used to the glamour of a vast metropolis? To be used to this—

And then to be banished off to a place like—

There’s not a whole lot of distraction here. :slight_smile: Not a lot of celebrities, or Movers and Shakers, or Influential People to interrupt his penance and contemplation and quest for humility… :slight_smile:

(I can talk. Because this is what my stomping grounds look like—


For abusing so many seminarians and young priests for so long - to say nothing of the current allegations being investigated about the young man, he should be in jail.


I do worry for his soul. Perhaps (though he is in an enclosed space) the prairie will do him good. You are reminded just how small you really are in that vastness.


I was thinking the same thing…


Young man? He is 88. He won’t live there long.


Just pointing out that he is presently awaiting trial in the Vatican courts. This may not be his final destination.


Because the loving and faithful Catholics there will pray for the man and his victims.


I mean the young man (at the time) who recently accused McCarrick of abusing him when he was a child. That young man is now an adult, and McCarrick was a family friend, gave him his First Communion, etc.

Those allegations are being looked into currently, but there is already extensive proof of his abuse of seminarians and young priests (not criminal acts - as they were not minors, but still canonical crimes that may lead to his laicization).

Deacon Christopher


I presume they picked an isolated location for him where he will come into contact with fewer people and not be readily accessible to the press. I understand the press has been trying to contact him in the place where he is now living.

If he is in this Friary, you will probably never see him. I don’t see why it should be a concern that he’s there; at age 88, it’s not like he’s going to be busting out and attacking a minor in the community.


He has been effectively stowed away. The Friary is the building to the right of the church proper.



I would’ve sent him to Rura Penthe but we don’t do this kind of punishment.

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