McCarrick housed in my Diocese


Yeah. A jail cell.


That church is too nice for him and it’s directly next door to an Elementary School. Looks like the school is not happy about this… Not a smart move. He really should have been placed in a religious location literally in the middle of no where. Not in a small town, next door to an elementary school & five blocks from a high school.


The real question in my mind is, if this Cardinal is not going to be coming out of the friary and wandering around town, but is going to be staying inside doing prayer and penance, then why does the public even need to know his location? He isn’t a registered sex offender (so no legal issue), I wouldn’t expect him to be interacting with any children or teens, and he’s 88 years old so probably not very mobile without transportation or other assistance.

Can’t we just leave him alone?


I hate to say it, but it’s really a PR issue. They put him next door to an Elementary School. It just doesn’t have good optics.


This is the best response so far.

If I lived near him, I would consider gathering some friends and heading over to the friary to spend some time with him in prayer (Rosary or silent prayer) and friendly conversation, if it is permitted under the terms of his confinement and he doesn’t mind. If they didn’t allow us in, we could pray anyhow and maybe let him know. He might find that comforting.


Worse fate? That looks like a paradise…



But there are at least 4 Catholic chapels in Antarctica they could have sent him too :slight_smile:


Do you think beautiful churches like that were built for saints? I think they are built for sinners.


The Klingons offered their most inhospitable location.

Qapla’ (Success!)


Except for the giant tornado in the picture, I wouldn’t mind it, either, although if you’ve ever lived in a place without tall trees, the scenery does get a bit monotonous! :slight_smile:

But you know how much of the East and West Coast feel about flyover country. :slight_smile:

A few years ago, I tried getting a friend of mine to move from D/FW to my teeny rural town to come run the radiology department at our local hospital. She was aghast at the thought of being 45 minutes away from the closest Starbucks-- and so she would prefer to be a cog in her Big City radiology clinic… but still have access to her Starbucks. I tried suggesting she could get the bottles/cans/k-cups/whatever shipped to her out here… nope, not even an option. :wink:

So, yeah. Not everyone can survive roughing it, like we can! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll admit it’s be difficult. I live in the DFW area, and I love the convenience, but there is something really alluring about living out in the country / mountains…


Actually, he’s no longer a Cardinal, he’s been removed from the cardinalate. He also has canonical trials ongoing that very well might laicize him.


I think you missed my point. Cardinal Wuerl called up the local bishop and “asked” to put McCarrick in a beautiful Minor Basilica, next door to an elementary school.

The optics are horrible

Putting him there is an example of clericalism at its best.

God Bless


It may look bad, but I’m not going to be so uncharitable as to complain about it when the man is not a threat to the community, nor is he apparently walking around having a good time.


Yes I can.


Are there not plenty of other priories where they could have sent him that isn’t next to a SCHOOL?


I don’t know if the Church has any real estate there in the first place… but a giant chunk of the whole point is to avoid ending up there. It’s kind of our mission to avoid having people end up there. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not know the details abbout how it came about or about the location, I was response nding only to your point “that seems to nice, he should go to where it us poor and rough.”. Don’t think I missed your point.


Ok, fair enough. But I still think it was a mistake to put him in a Minor Basilica. That’s what I meant by “too nice.”


Yea, and you might be right, but the friary is more pertinent than the basilic. We don’t know of his life there. I will say, he has always seemed like a “fly over” type of guy, I suspect just the thought of Kansas is a small penance for him.

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