McCarrick housed in my Diocese


Maybe… but its still a dumb idea to send him there. I’m sure there are plenty of people who have kids in that school (esp Catholic ones) who are not happy.

Again, even if we have nothing to worry about re McCarrick, it’s still a horrible PR issue.


Sadly it seems to many that the fact that he is next to an elementary school shows a complete and utter lack of understanding of sexual abuse.

No predator should be next to a school out of sheer respect for the community.

Lord Have Mercy.


At his advanced age he is likely no longer a threat to anyone.

Whatever time he has left on Earth will be spent trying to get right with God. God has more than enough forgiveness, even if we don’t.



But it’s still bad optics


I guess you don’t know that he will be next to a school.


I don’t know his current health, but he was still flying about doing things for Pope Francis / the Church up until quite recently. You can be 88 and very mobile.


Friends, a number of you are thinking way too much about former Cardinal McCarrick’s sins.

Many of you regard him as if he has leprosy and mustn’t even come near, lest you catch what he’s got.

Others seem to regard him as irredeemable, already damned.

This Homily on last Sunday’s Gospel might help:


The salvation of the abusers is an intention of my nightly prayer. But so is their just punishment. I see absolutely nothing wrong with a “both”. Prison doesn’t seem to be outside justice to me. What happens to him in the next life is up to him and Christ whatever path we take here on Earth.


I do now. I didn’t when I posted that. But when I found out that Wurel put him next to a school, I e posted plenty that it was a huge mistake to put him there. The optics are terrible


I think that is very noble of your Bishop. He sounds like an admirable man, a Christian, a true one. Why are so many people objecting? A sinner is repenting. Who are we to stand in the way of that. That is God’s business not ours. The Bishop has no doubt been directed by the Holy Spirit on where to put the man so as to keep him and the people safe in the mean time and it looks like the place he is to stay in is secure from member of the public for him and others so what is the problem. I know there is a lot of anger, but that is from the devil and we should not let him in, he wants to stir us all up so we hate each other, we are all sinners in one way or another. God is love not anger. If Jesus lived in your diocese he would not be moaning about why he is living there, he’d pray for him……. at the very least.


My thoughts exactly

  1. the local bishop didn’t put him there. Cardinal Wurel did. The local bishop simply didn’t say no and allowed it even though he had reservations.

  2. there are two issues that people have with this - one being the biggest.

  • The Church is next door to a public elementary school. The optics regarding this are simply bad. Furthermore, it looks like the local school district board is going determine whether they are going to make an issue out of this or not. The local principal has said, when asked if he will fight back, that he will defer this situation to the district.
  • The friary is not at any old church. It’s the rectory for a Minor Basilica. Such a retirement placing would be considered by many faithful/orthodox priests to be a dream retirement. So again, bad optics - not not as bad as next door to an elementary school

This is why people are mad. It’s a horrible placement from a PR point of view.

God Bless


Yeah it’s not a democracy after all… :man_shrugging:t2:


Father Larry rocks!


I’m sorry, but I do not think this paints an accurate picture of most of our posts.

I do NOT think McCarrick is going to walk about the streets raping children. Nor do any of us think he’s already damned and irredeemable - thought honestly, he might be irredeemable at his age - regardless, that’s between him and God.

However, I can disagree 100% with the wisdom (or lack of) Cardinal Wuerl showed by choosing to send McCarrick to a Minor Basilica and esp one that is next door to an elementary school. It just smells of clericalism and is terrible from an optics point of view.

Wuerl could have sent him to a number of other Friaries that are (1) not Minor Basilicas and (2) not next door to an elementary school. So, I do think we are justified in our disapproval towards the CHOICE.

God Bless.


BTW - to be fair… the church is in a town, not in the country side.


That seems like a more appropriate place for him.


I think your stomping grounds are awesome! I would love to live out in the middle of nowhere. I mea. I live in a small town in Michigan, but I would love to live in Northern Michigan or the U.P. or anywhere north of Grand Rapids for that matter. Out west would be cool, not California, but like Wyoming or something.


You can say that again!
You can say that again!

I thought optics was telescopes and microscopes. You made me look it up:


FWIW, the Father Larry homily is absolutely spot on applicable to all of this.

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