McCarrick May Be Defrocked



Really? Hallelujah?
Fortunately, unlike us, God would rather see the eventual conversion of the sinful instead of judging us at the time of our sins . Perhaps prayers for the Cardinal rather than judgment is what is more appropriate by members of the Church, and leave final judgment to the Almighty.


Sad for all involved and sad for the Church that this even has to be addressed. God have mercy on us and on the whole world.


And where exactly did @Maximilian75 do that?

Rejoicing at justice being served is not judgemental nor a non-Christian attitude.


A serial abuser of young men is being removed and prevented from abusing again.

You can be a Buddhist, a Zoroastrian, or an Atheist and rejoice at that.


Who says this priest can’t find salvation as a layman? But as a priest he will be judged more harshly. Defrocking a man who can’t perform his duty as a priest is not judging and condemning him but a pastoral act of help. I pray for him and I still think that defrocking him is the right decision. No hatred here. People run away from the Church because of priests like this. It’s a fact. Souls are lost because people fear that the trust they invest in priests may be used to close their eyes while these priests abuse them. Or worse their children’s eyes. It is not a small matter.


This is not a cause for rejoicing .

It is sad .

We should be praying for Cardinal McCarrick .

May God bless him and any effected by any sin he has committed .

May God grant repentance , love , peace and healing where it is needed .




You can pray for McCarrick and expect the Church to punish him accordingly. It’s not an either/or.

And it’s more than acceptable for laymen to be relieved if such a punishment occurs. This is not an example of judging. This is simply justice. And it is very merciful for McCarrick and other proven abusers to be punished this way.


A guilty priest that has done the same would be laicized right away. For some reason, with the episcopacy it is more complex…And priests that leave to get married are fast tracked to laicization…


He’s already been effectively “removed” from any ministry he had. I am also sure that he will be watched for the rest of his life to make sure he doesn’t “abuse again”.

Defrocking him is more about the disgrace and scandal he has caused, at this point, than preventing him from abusing anyone.

And I agree with Rob, it’s distasteful to rejoice in someone’s downfall. It’s a sad situation for the victims, the Church, and McCarrick. We should be praying for all of them, not cheering over this.


There’s a difference between being relieved he will not harm anyone else, and celebrating the fact that he got punished.

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The focus hopefully remains on the victims, teenage boys and young idealistic men willing to serve as priests. Simple justice for the sins and crimes committed by a man who was in respected authority above them is what heaven demands.

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I doubt anyone will be throwing parades and parties over it, but I sure won’t feel bad for feeling happy if he is actually defrocked.

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And what if they don’t vote to defrock him?

It would not surprise me if they don’t.

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Defrocking McCarrick probably has to be done. Even if defrocking him will not change the state of McCarrick’s mind or soul, an example has to be set for others that for crimes such as this, no punishment is too great.

If he goes through with it, I will give Pope Francis some credit for defrocking him, but not too much. Defrocking McCarrick is an easy decision given how high-profile his case is, and anything less than the maximum punishment would likely incite the media outrage that Pope Francis is keen to avoid. And it is not going to do anything to solve the abuse crisis that has infected the greater Church.

The absolute best thing that could probably happen as a result of his defrocking is that McCarrick would start squealing on any confederates he might have had over his career, especially anyone currently in a position of power. I’m not holding my breath though. But one can dream.


Maybe the person is happy action might actually happen when for so long everyone looked away and pretended there was not a problem.

I’d argue that we should celebrate his punishment and the fact that justice is being done, especially after years of so many people in the Church looking the other way. And I hope that McCarrick’s earthly judgement will help his soul at final judgement.


I’m more concerned with him being removed from situations where he could hurt anyone - which already happened - and removed from his public position as cardinal - which already happened - than with whether he is laicized or not . I’m sure the Pope and other cardinals can determine better than I can whether that should be done. But as far as I’m concerned, all the “action” needed already happened. This is sort of like after an officer has been busted down to private and locked in the stockade, do I care if he then gets a dishonorable discharge since he’s not leaving the stockade anyway.

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