McCarrick report due for release next week

I don’t think I’ll start holding my breath quite yet, but there may be hope –


Yeah right.

If it ever sees the light of day I’m expecting a whitewash anyway.


Oh great, just what we need at this already hectic and emotional time for US Catholics. God, give us strength.


I agree - there is unlikely to be anything of great substance or revelation in the report. I think a lot of people are expecting names to be named of people who helped him advance, or get away with his actions, but this is probably not going to happen. If anyone gets any “blame” it will bishops/cardinals that are long dead to avoid implicating anyone who is still in a position of power today. All of the recent Popes will surely get a pass too, each for different reasons. It will be a disappointment for just about everybody.

Haha, watch the report be,

“Faithful brethren,
Cardinal McCarrick did x to y.”
-signed Rome.

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Pray for Vigano. He’s been such a thorn in the side, . . . I wouldn’t put it past the powers behind the report to falsely implicate Vigano in order to discredit him…

…an implication that will be picked up by the mainstream media a thousand times more than any of Vigano’s recent warnings to Americans ever were.


Thank you for the reminder to pray for him. I consider him in need of prayer for reasons quite different from those you list. I will put him down for a Divine Mercy chaplet.

Good point…thinking of Cardinal Pell here.

Definitely praying but I don’t think the Archbishop much cares. Like he has said from the beginning…

I am seventy-seven years old, I am at the end of my life. I do not care about men’s judgment. The only judgment that matters is that of the good God. He will ask me what I have done for the Church of Christ and I want to be able to answer that I have defended and served until the end.

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