McCarrick’s Protégés Still Run the Church


Let’s focus on people’s actions, and on Church personnel structures, and on procedures and solutions. There is no need, at this point, to further “name names” and point fingers. That is always tempting to do, especially from the perspective of us in the peanut gallery. But it always devolves into a witch hunt.

The report has enough blame in it to go around. I’m pretty sure everyone has an idea of what is going on. I don’t see a need to make every detail into a public spectacle.

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I can’t help but feel half this frothing-at-the-mouth stuff is being published mostly because it gets clicks and sells. Not out of any great motive to help the Church.

I agree with you, 'Tis, but I am afraid that is part of the larger problem.

What McCarrick, and others, have done is undermine any credible authority that the Church has. And sadly, that means anyone who is/has been a colleague of McCarrick, who has been in power, and put others in a position of power is suspect.
It all must be brought to light. The only way to completely root out the rot is to expose it all.
It will not be pretty, but it must be done if the Church in the US is ever going to heal.


They undermine it with people who for whatever reason are hung up on this issue of misbehaving priests.

I would like to see the clergy clean up its act and I’m reasonably confident that they have and will continue to do so, because the bad consequences of not doing so have come home to roost in a huge way all over the world. Getting hit in the pocketbook gets clerics’ attention just like it gets corporate managers’ attention. As a believer in approved apparitions, Our Lady warned us this was coming, IMHO.

But there’s been sinful priests and bishops for centuries. They’re all through the Church history. When I was growing up, a lot of the clerics weren’t prizes either. I was fortunate that my parish somehow managed to avoid any accused minor sex abusers, but at least one priest was sent away for addiction and having an affair with a woman, and some of the neighboring parishes had priests committing other wrongs. I never thought of priests as particularly holier or more moral than other good people, and I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on their authority. It’s not like I’m looking for misconduct by a priest to give me an excuse to go commit grave sins or to quit the church.

If someone else is looking for these excuses, then on top of the sinful priest, we have a person weak in their faith to begin with, and if it’s not McCarrick they blame, it will just be something else.

I know people complain a lot about “Me and Jesus” type thinking, saying that it encourages folks to skip Mass and make up their own morality, but if one has a strong relationship with Jesus and your eyes on him at all times, then your world doesn’t rock every time some clergy scandal or even clergy questionable activity (like Pachamama) crops up. You pray over it and you move on, with Jesus. Eyes on the prize.

Why read articles like this? There are not nephews in question. George Neumayr is deceptive. People who value truth and honesty do not need to resort to such gimmicks and lies.

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