McDonald’s opens near Vatican, despite prelates’ objections


McDonald’s opens near Vatican, despite prelates’ objections

January 02, 2017

A McDonald’s franchise has opened its doors just a few blocks from St. Peter’s Square.

The fast-food restaurant, located in a building that is owned by the Vatican in the Borgo Pio district, prompted angry protests from some prelates who lived in the same building and were asked to help pay for the renovations that were needed to accommodate the restaurant. Cardinals and bishops charged that a fast-food franchise would damage the historic character of the neighborhood—although several other pizza parlors, sandwich shops, and souvenir stands are located on the same street.

The McDonald’s site is operated by the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See (APSA), the office that handles Vatican real-estate investments

It does seem an odd fit?


Surely anyone sensible wouldn’t want a ghastly McDonalds with their plastic food to open anywhere near them unless it’s to cater for American visitors to Rome. No self-respecting Italian would be seen dead in such a place.


There is one simple way to get rid of the McDonalds, everyone can just refuse to eat there. I wonder if the is a European equivalent of th dollar menu?


its better than a Starbucks.


Since there are other fast food outfits operating within a few blocks - they must be doing a fair amount of business to warrant another franchise opening. It’s possible the rent for the Vatican-owned building may be cost prohibitive for a local café or a religious book store. :shrug:

According to La Repubblica, the monthly rent for McDonald’s is 30,000 euros (or $33,000).


Probably Italians have found a way to do it. Reminds me of the liquor stores here that have “Baptist windows” in the rear where people who don’t want to be seen buying liquor can drive through and buy it. Maybe Italians tint their windows and use the drive-through. :slight_smile:


You mean you won’t be in the queue for the new Nutella burger?

I’ve been in McDonalds in Italy a few times (holidays in Italy every year, two Londoner teenage daughters, instant chips/fries opportunities, you get the picture) and I’m afraid to say that a few Italians are not self-respecting. :wink:


I don’t eat at McDonalds often … but when I do, it’s at the Vatican.


You win the CAF for the day :rotfl:

I find the whole subject somewhat amusing. I would eat there, but I don’t ever plan to be in Rome.


When we were last in Rome, I also noticed a McDonald’s across from the Pantheon. Obviously smart business to put in high-tourist areas.


I take it all back. I have just read about the Nutella burger :smiley:


The real question is: will they substitute gelato for their soft serve offerings?


Hm, never heard of McDonald’s Sweety con Nutella until this thread. I’m surprised it’s not available in the United States.


Umm, no, thank you. Onions, pickle, ketchup, and mustard.


I would NEVER eat a Big Mac at the Vatican…before Communion, that is. :smiley:


Maybe their cut isn’t big enough. On a recent trip to Bath, an exasperated mother was trying to find somewhere to eat.Probably an Austen fan,there are some wonderful places to experience,from ethnic to traditional to afternoon teas. No two teens shouting for burgers,why waste time and money travelling with people who wish to experience nothing.


I haven’t eaten at McyD’s in years. It consistently gave me heartburn.

I typically only visit a Texas Roadhouse or Long Horn Steakhouse for my beef requirements (burger or steak). I consider that as much fast-food as I can take.

But that Nutella looks good, especially for a quick desert while walking through a City.

It may be time to let da Boss know the USA is being short changed!
I’ll have that melted morsel here in two tweets or less.


I haven’t been to a McDonald’s in over 40 years, both because of the quality ?] of the food and for religious reasons, which are too lengthy to enumerate here…I’m shocked and amazed.


If I ever visit the Vatican, I will be sure to stop in.


Here is a link to a google map of that location,+00193+Roma,+Italy/@41.9027662,12.4607681,410m/

Click the link. Switch to google earth to see actual photographs of the area.

Use google earth to take a virtual walk around the area.

Honestly, a McD at that location would fit-in just fine. The Borgo Pio (the wider of the 2 streets at that intersection) is already filled with restaurants and shops of all kinds.

Maybe those who have never actually been there might think that the neighborhood is full of quaint Italian residences or cafes that would make a wonderful setting for a romantic movie, surrounded by ancient imperial Roman statues and baroque fountains. Sorry folks. It’s not that.

The area has its own charm, to be sure. But really folks, adding a McD to that neighborhood would not take away anything from the surrounding atmosphere. It’s already highly commercialized. The available space is already quite small, so there’s little danger that it would be garishly obvious.

Considering what McD did with their location at the Piazza di Spagna I’m sure they would make the new location a place they can take pride to claim. Do an internet search for photos—it’s quite the place.

Here’s just one photo of the entrance.’s_restaurant_-Piazza_di_Spagna%2C_ground_floor.jpg/800px-McDonald%27s_restaurant-_Piazza_di_Spagna%2C_ground_floor.jpg

That one photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s truly magnificent inside.

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