McDonald’s worker allegedly fired for buying firefighters’ meal


McDonald’s will live to regret this decision.


If she was the manager why and who did she have to ask for permission for McD’s to pick up their tab? Don’t managers make the decision themselves?


She paid for the meals herself??? How can she have violated any rules - the food was paid for!

I hope this is picked up by all the media. . :mad:


The article said that Ms. Levia said this was “freakin’ ridiculous” which is a bit disrespectful of her superiors. What if she did curse them out?

I hope we are not intending on another boycott, of McDonald’s this time, to make them pay, when it’s Ms. Levia’s word against McDonald’s. We don’t know what was said. We weren’t there.

I hope we won’t be part of escalating the tensions here. Were we to do anything against McDonald’s, it would hurt a lot of people, families. Allow these people to live their lives without further interference. Allow the supervisors to act as they see fit.

We have no evidence other than her word that this is true. I am unwilling to go against an entire company, particularly without one shred of evidence.

I think were we to act against McDonalds, even if this one incident were true, that it would do far more damage than good. It would hurt mostly innocent people who had nothing to do with any of this.


McDonalds is a business, not a charity. I would not have expected McDonald’s to pay for everybody’s meal, firefighter, doctor, nurse, because where would it end?


Story Summary below:


I believe McDonald’s.

What I believe is that Ms. Levia thought McDonald’s would pay, and so she paid for all this. Then, when she found out they wouldn’t, I believe she got upset, being out all that money and could have cursed her supervisor out, gotten fired. Then, she could have wanted to get vengeance and decided to take this to the media, leave out the part about cursing out her supervisor, make it look like she was fired for no good reason.

Let’s not add fuel to the fire by getting on the wrong side of the issue, here, especially on Easter.


McDonald’s does a lot of charity work. I once visited one of their Ronald McDonald homes for families who have a child in the hospital. It was beautiful. Now, before we go off against McDonald’s, think about what you’re doing.

I used to get involved in boycotts, protests, all kinds of things. Later on, I learned that a lot of what I did was misguided. I made a lot of mistakes, often got on the wrong side of the issue, completely. I’ve since learned not run out and boycott or protest just anybody for any reason.

I’ve learned caution is indicated, because we don’t want to hurt innocent people.


I have a family member with spina bifida, I think I had family staying at one of their Ronald McDonald homes, out of town, or out of state, once.

Oh yeah, and it says she was ALLEGEDLY fired for x, y, and z.

Please, leave McDonald’s alone.


Since you weren’t there either its rather odd that you would presume to judge a single mother who is trying to better herself versus a corporation with questionable business practices.

I can’t speak for others but I will do what my conscience dictates. Just because McDonald’s helps others doesn’t excuse this.


I don’t believe her. McDonalds is in business to make money. I think had she paid for their meals (without cursing) they would have been thrilled.

However, I don’t believe her story. I think she thought she could convince the company to pay for all these guys’ meals, is a single mother, didn’t have the money (paid for it but needed that money for her own expenses), got angry, yelled, got fired.

I find that more probable than her being fired for paying for all these guys’ meals, don’t you?


I don’t believe her, because her story is improbable. It is irrelevant whether or not she’s a single mother. I think that got thrown in so she’d get more sympathy. Poor me, got fired by large company, but I suspect she did probably curse her supervisor out as McDonald’s said.

I think she wanted to portray herself as the underdog, but we need to go by who is telling the truth, not who we pity most.


Further, over one single ALLEGED incident, we are to take some kind of action against all McDonald’s, everywhere? I don’t think that’s fair.


Well shame on McDonalds for this one. It did not cost them a thing, but I bet this decision does. Now would be the time for everyone everywhere to refuse to purchase food from McDonalds.

I am going to call my local stores and tell them that I think this is what the folks of this country should do. Maybe others will do the same?


I am disappointed you would boycott a company over an ALLEGED incident. I think this woman is disgruntled for having been fired, is taking vengeance on McDonald’s. Without one shred of evidence that this is even true, we are supposed to boycott all McDonald’s everywhere?

I think it’s unfair and unchristian. Now, some say they are a large company and she is a poor single mother. Therefore, we must believe the poor single mother for some reason.

In the Bible, it said we should be impartial, judge by the facts, not whether someone is rich or poor…not to give preference because someone is wealthy but equally NOT to favor someone just because he/she is poor.

There is insufficient evidence.

Realize, you will hurt mostly innocent families that work for the company flipping burgers, trying to support their families, but if that’s how you want to spend your Easter…


What is it lately with boycotts? We had Mozilla, and we had both Christians and gays/progressives boycotting. There was no possible way for that company to win! They were put between a rock and a hard place.

Now, again, we are boycotting this international company over ONE ALLEGED incident?
It’s so unfair.


I am not sure but there might be a company policy that an active employee cannot pay for someone else’s meal. If this is true, this could be do to a number of reasons. It’s one thing to throw in a couple of pennies or dimes for someone but $83 is no small chunk of change.
Before people take sides either for or against her, we need to find out if this is a company policy. That could be the reason why she asked and was told no by her manager which is is what she should have done even if her intentions was noble and good. I think sometimes people get caught up with emotions and ideas of charity and act on them without thinking them through and following procedure. Jumping out and spending $83 dollars while you are on the clock is probably against the rules of the company.


What makes a single Mother any more trustworthy than anyone else.Do you really believe she was fired for buying lunch for Firefighters?


That’s a fair point estesbob. I said that because the other poster was just as vigorous defending McDonald’s without knowing all the facts as well.


If she was told no by the manager and there is a company policy that prevents employees from buying food for others while they are on the clock, then yes Mcdonlds had the right to fire her for going against what she told not to do. I think people are getting caught up in the emotions of misplaced charity here. Yes, she was trying to be nice and noble but there are limits to that and if there are policies in place by the company for a number of legitimate reasons, then she should have been following that and hense the reason for the firing.

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