McDonalds and KFC Sponsor Teen Oral Sex in Family Hour

[FONT=arial][size=2][FONT=arial][size=2][FONT=arial] McDonalds and KFC Sponsor Teen Oral Sex in Family Hour[/size]

[/FONT][/FONT][/size][/FONT]Last week’s premiere episode of the new CW series 90210 opened with a teenage boy receiving oral sex in the front seat of his car in a high school parking lot. This program aired at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT – only 7:00 p.m. Central/Mountain time – and this scene was shown in the program’s first few minutes!

                                                *90210* was sponsored, among others, by KFC and McDonalds…chains that claim to care about your kids. The CW network says that they showed the episode in advance of its broadcast for advertiser representatives. If this is true, then **McDonalds and KFC KNEW** the teen oral sex scene was in the program…and                                                     **THEY SPONSORED THE SHOW ANYWAY!                                                     ** 

If you’re disgusted that the very same chains that try to sell your children “Happy Meals” and “Kids Laptop” boxes are also paying for TV that shows kids having sex, you can ** TAKE ACTION NOW!**

Write, phone or e-mail KFC and McDonalds with your concerns about the shows they sponsor. And to be sure they get the message, print off the following letter.

Remember: KFC and McDonalds need to make their customers happy – and TV networks pay attention to their sponsors. This is one way to make sure they all get the message loud and clear!

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I am already boycotting McDonald’s for their support of the Gay agenda… now this… what are they thinking???


The PTC must be getting through! They have now disabled both companies email addresses that are listed. They must have been BOMBARDED with complaints! I wonder if everyone snail mailed them if they would disable their mailman!!!

Yeah! :thumbsup:

Yeah my email to them got returned too…

Email or send a letter to the local stores.

McDonald’s has already signed on to the attack against families. I guess KFC has, too. I never eat there, but it will be worth dropping them a line to tell them of my displeasure. :mad:

If KFC is now to be boycotted should this also include Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, as well as Pepsi? In a situation like this, is the problem only with the particular brand or the entire corporation?

This why I think for the most part, boycotts are ridiculous. To follow them through to a *logical *conclusion, one would must add the purveyers who stock their soda, buns, etc. Where does it end? :wink:

I also find it “interesting” that many on tis site love jumping on the McD’s boycott bandwagon, but now that its KFC, there seems to be some “silence”? :wink:

I dont care much for McDs food, but there’s no way I am not gonna indulge myself in some tastey KFC, POPEYE’s chicken because of what they sponsored.

Got a favorite doctor? Does he/she support causes you may not? Favorite grocery store? etc - Life is too short at least for me to worry about boycotts. When peoples **CIVIL and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS **are violated and not somebodys sense of ethics and morals then let me know and I will happily join a *worthwhile *boycott. - Until then to quote somebody who said something quite intelligent at one time - If ya dont like whats on TV - change the channel :cool:

boycotts work, that show Swingtown was removed due to a boycott threat of its advertisers.

There are plenty of options when it comes to food, it is not that hard to avoid places that sponsor such degradation. McDonalds and KFC are unhealthy choices anyway, a good excuse to start eating better.

No, they are not unhealthy when eaten in moderation. I’ll pass on this boycott and eat some KFC :slight_smile:

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the boycott of mcd’s for supporting gay rights has been in place since january. what do yall see happening? as far as “supporting” perversity and sexual ideas…its the parents responsibility to not let their kids watch the program. Why should mcd’s advertise then? SOMEONE is watchin it, right? besides, they pay for time slots, not shows…get your facts straight and if you dont want your children corrupted, then dont let them watch tv, listen to the radio, go to school, go to the store or anything else…or better yet, TEACH THEM RIGHT FROM WRONG!

My email went through just fine. It would be nice to have someone support christitan values instead of sex, drugs and violence. I am surprised at Disney as well. There are several things lately that have come to light on that station as well. My chidren don’t get to watch anything unless I have seen it first. There is just too much bad stuff out there. I don’t care if other people watch it or their children do mine are not. I wish others weren’t watching it but I can only control so much. We are lucky if we watch a half hour of television any way per day.
We don’t eat at that many restaurants they are just not that healthy but I guess that Mcdonalds and KFC are also on my list. My priest told me two years ago that Dairy Queen supports abortion rights so we don’t eat there either.

That is exactly what we are trying to do!

It is wrong for these companies to validate and sponsor shows that show teenagers having oral sex. You tell me how do you teach them right from wrong if you do not let them know that type of TV is wrong? Going with the nonsensical cliche “Just don’t let them watch” is just that pure nonsense.

Since this is the type of trash that gets pushed to our teenagers, hopefully as the story develops the two characters will end up giving an STD to one another.

BOYCOTS work because for many people, money is the focus of their lives.

Also, it is impossible to be “Christian first and Catholic second”!

Christian is Catholic, all other so called “Christians” only have a portion of Jesus’ Truth, and they all teach things that Jesus never intended.

Jesus created the Catholic Church to continue His teaching, without error, here on earth until His return.

May God Bless you.


Really? nonsense? so, would you let them watch XXX movies? The point is, nobody told you that you had to watch that program. It isn’t like they gave you no idea what type of program it was. If you are old enough to be parents, then you were aware of what type of programming 90210 is. It isn’t a show for children, that is true. And the time slot that it comes in isn’t intended for children, it is intended for teenagers. And you may not wish for your children to be exposed to that, but here is the harsh reality…what do you think they go to school and here about and talk about? It isn’t about puppies and rainbows, it is about things that are relevant in their minds. Sex, Drugs, these are all issues your children deal with every day, thats why there are TV shows that contain that. Add ontop of that, that if people didn’t watch the show, the show wouldn’t be aired. If they are old enough to know WHAT was happening, then they probably talk about it or have some type of experience with it. McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King…yes, they pay for advertisements…ads are set to run at certain TIMES…not during specific shows…just because that show was on that night, guess what! a different program will be running at the SAME TIME the next day…besides teh fact, the CW isn’t even a channel GEARED towards children. It is geared towards teens. If you don’t want them to see that program, find the remote!

Uh! we are talking about teens!
Sorry your argument has no merit, simply because Teens may hear about this in school ( which no one is naive enough to not know that) does not make it OK for a TV show geared to teens to air it!

I’m sure that with those tyoes of shows your right the kids will give each other an STD then get pregnant and have an abortion probably all in the same episode. It is sicking what they put out there now for kids. Most cartoons are rated PG there are very few that are rated G. Nickelodeon is mostly PG just for their crude contents. And people wonder what has happened to this next generation of ours. they have no clue that their desensatizing of todays children is leading them done that wide road of trouble.

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