McDonald's Denies U-Turn on Gay Rights Support

It’s from a blog but has links to sources used.

*But a McDonald’s spokeswoman disputed details of AFA’s account. McDonald’s, she said, was never a corporate “member” of NGLCC; its relationship with the organization consisted of Ellis’s board seat and a sponsorship he arranged. “McDonald’s sponsored a table at an event at an NGLCC gala fundraiser,” said the spokeswoman. “That’s what they’re labeling a sponsorship. That was the extent of our involvement.”

Ellis stepped down from the NGLCC board, she added, because he recently transferred to a post with McDonald’s Canadian operation. “McDonald’s has no plan to fill his seat [on the board] because it’s not our seat to fill,” she said.*

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I saw the advert MickeyDee’s did for the pro-homosexual parade in Frisco this year. It really did not effect whether I go to their resturant or not. The reason is because I’m too far up the food chain. When I’m slummin’ I eat at Back Yard Burger.

I switched to Burger King at the start of this whole dust-up and see no reason to change now.

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