McDonald's Says No Way Ronald Will Retire

That’s the message McDonald’s Corp.'s CEO Jim Skinner gave Thursday to the red-haired clown’s critics who say the cartoon promotes unhealthy eating and should go the way of the Marlboro Man and Joe Camel…


Oh please…people aren’t responsible for their own lack of control and options? We have to have special interest groups do this for us??? What ever happened to INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY???

Oh my why do we need food police. Wherever I eat or what I eat it is mychoice. Give me a break, noone makes you overweight but yourself. Children certainally shoud be taught be their parents the proper way to eat.

Restaurants have a duty to the community to serve healthy food. If you wouldn’t serve hazardous food to your family, why would you serve it to the general public? Our morality isn’t something we leave at home. We have to act on our morality at work too, and that means not feeding people ****.

I agree. I make my own choices. :wink:

You don’t make hamburgers and fries at home?

BTW, just about any food can qualify as a hazardous food depending on the circumstances.

Actually, restaurants have a duty to serve what their customers want. People have a duty to make good decisions about what to put in their own bodies. If I want a tasty Big Mac then I want a tasty Big Mac. I’m smart enough to know not to eat that very often…the decision rests with me. I don’t need McDonalds dictating food morality to me.

from the story:

Shareholders applauded Skinner. And they unleashed a chorus of boos when representatives from the advocacy group Corporate Accountability International requested the famous icon be shelved — for good.

I know it’s un-Christian but whenever I hear some “advocacy group” spouting off I feel the urge to beat their spokesperson the death with whatever it is they’re protesting against. Maybe the CRI crowd could be choked with Big Macs and/or drowned in Shamrock Shakes.

I wouldn’t waste my sausage and egg mcmuffins on em.

The original Ronald McDonald actor is now a vegetarian. :slight_smile:


Me either or my Angus Burger and large fries.

If the advocacy group was really concerned, they should have focused more on those stupid toys in the happy meals.

Matbe, but grandkids love them and they are nice.

Sausage mcmuffin with egg for breakfast and Angus Bacon and Cheese for lunch. Hold the hashbrowns and fries.

And a large coffee to go with my fries and hash browns:thumbsup: LOL

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