McDonald's surrenders! Boycott declared over

We will see

McDonald’s surrenders! Boycott declared over
Family group says fast-food giant agrees not to promote ‘gay’ agenda

A corporate executive for McDonald’s restaurants who had been on board of directors of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has stepped down following a boycott of the chain organized by the pro-family American Family Association.

McDonald’s officials confirmed today to WND that Richard Ellis, who had been named to the “gay” chamber board after McDonald’s contributed $20,000 to the organization, “made a personal decision to step down … after he accepted a new position … with McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada.”

McDonald’s officials also told AFA that the company has no plans to renew its membership in the special interest group when it expires in December.

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Boycotts do work…

Sometimes mammon comes in handy.:smiley:

It would work with Hallmark, too, but nobody thinks boycotts work…

Well, it “worked” for me. I must have taken the family past McD’s about a dozen times in response to the boycott.

They at least lost my bucks.:shrug:

It worked with Miller Beer-The Catholic League among many others sponsored a boycott of Miller Beer because of its sponsorship of the homosexualist filth fest in San Francisco where Catholic iconography was mocked.The company ended up apologizing and withdrawing from further sponsorship.:thumbsup:

I’d just like to see Hallmark pull their gay-specific wedding cards. If they have to marry, they can use the ones the rest of us do and not make a big production out of it. Hallmark’s explanation was ridiculous and I’m not buying Hallmark products or shopping in their stores anymore.

At the risk of being accused of hyjacking a thread I want to respond to FickleFreckled:
I shop at Hallmark from time to time. Like most men I am very focused when I shop. I know what I’m there for, I find it, pay & get gone. I don’t do a lot of browsing. I have not seen these homosexually related cards. Have they been there long? Are there more than just the wedding cards? I have a Gold Crown card & when I read your post I pulled it from my wallet. I just may cut that sucker up based on your reply to me. Thanks in advance.

I don’t do McD’s anyway. Call me a snob, but I’m too high up on the food chain :wink:

To keep us out of trouble from hijacking, I’ll PM you w/info on Hallmark thread.

I partook in this boycott. It was really hard on my kids and wife. But it was so short that it was a very good lesson to my kids. They knew that McDonalds was getting involved with bad thing, and they told everybody that they would not eat at Mcdonalds as long as they did bad things. They were very exited the first time they went back, and were proud of themselves for making a difference.

Everyone should boycott McDonalds!

They have contributed to much heart disease in America and probably in other countries as well!

I can’t believe that you folks waited for this issue to boycott or that you actually took children to eat that food!

American children have an obesity problem, teaching children that it’s okay to abuse their bodies by eating high fat, high sugar foods is just plain wrong!

Hallmark did a very bad things to their franchise owners years ago.
That should have been enough for an informed person to start making their own cards!

It was my understanding that the franchises could choose what cards they want to carry, where Gold Crown stores can’t. But what did Hallmark do to the franchises?

Agree with you on making your own cards…

Lighten up Molly.An occasional trip to a fast food joint never hurt anyone.A constant diet of it is one thing but as a treat-no harm done. Anyone who says it does is just gullible or parroting vegetarian agitprop.

I don’t know whether boycotts work or not. McDonalds is doing great financially. It will continue to do great as long as it serves tasty, predictable food in clean, welcoming surroundings. I eat there once in awhile. McDonalds’ food is no better or worse than most restaurant food that is laden with fat. Choose the dollar menu - the portions are smaller but adequate.

Boycotts work; they’re not meant to put anyone out of business, just to “have it our way”… oops - wrong fast food restaurant…

Actually, I think they are healthier in other countries, due to a difference in cooking methods and ingredients.

I never ate at McD’s until I got pregnant. Now the taste of a cheeseburger brings joyful tears to my eyes. Ah, the wonder of enlarged taste buds! :stuck_out_tongue:

Everytime I eat there, I can’t help wondering what I’m doing to my kid though :smiley:

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