McNabb: “Lousy Quarterbacks Criticized More Than Good Quarterbacks” [Satire]

**McNabb: “Lousy Quarterbacks Criticized More Than Good Quarterbacks”

**Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb gave a controversial interview on HBO’s “Real Sports” on Tuesday night, saying he believes mediocre NFL quarterbacks receive much more criticism than good NFL quarterbacks.


        “Lousy quarterbacks have to do a little bit extra,” said McNabb. “No one is ever happy. There’s always pressure to be better, pressure to be more than lousy. Good, even. It gets tiring after a while.”
  								 										            “It doesn’t matter if I complete a pass, people are always asking me about the four incompletions before that,” said McNabb. “About how I overthrew Brian Westbrook on a four-yard route, or I how I somehow threw the ball right into the ground even though L.J. Smith was a few feet away from me. Or how I threw up all over the ball and then fumbled it. I mean – what, I can’t get nauseous? I have to be good and have an iron stomach, too? See what I mean? The expectations are ridiculous.”

Cry me a river! How much are you getting paid, anyway?


:rotfl: This was a Diet Pepsi snarf moment

That’s just wierd. I love this bit:

“There’s a definite track record there, a certain mindset, and that is difficult to overcome,” said McNabb. “Look at the Hall of Fame, for example – only good quarterbacks are in there: Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, Warren Moon. The rest of us are excluded. No one can tell me there isn’t a double standard there. If you’re not good, no one respects you.”

So, bad quarterbacks should be in the Hall of Fame?? Why should we respect someone who isn’t good at their job? Of course everyone has a bad day, gets sick, etc, but when you’re making millions a year to be an entertainer, you’d better be good.

c’mon guys…while absolutely hilarious, satirical news items are not supposed to be posted on CAF. Otherwise, I would be posting Onion articles on a regular basis. :p:D

Mea culpa. I saw this posted on a Yahoo! group and copied it w/o clicking the link – the “article” is from The Sports Pickle.

In my own defense I will say that I don’t follow sports, but the quotes in the article sounded authentic.

They aren’t. The quote is more along the lines of “Black quarterbacks are criticized more than white quarterbacks.”

I liked the response of Chris Carter, a black former wide receiver (and one of the best ever).

“I don’t know about receiving more criticism than white quarterbacks, but they clearly handle criticism more poorly than white quarterbacks.”

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