Md. pastor gets 27 months in prison

By Ann E. Marimow and Hamil R. Harris, Published: July 30The Washington Post Robert J. Freeman, a charismatic Southern Maryland pastor and longtime televangelist, drove fancy cars and lived in a $1.75 million home on the Potomac River that has five fireplaces, a jet-ski lift and two four-car garages.

To finance that lifestyle, federal prosecutors said, Freeman turned to his followers to purchase the vehicles and waterfront property. Many, it turned out, could not afford it.


How very sad for the members of this church. For this “pastor”, all I can say is despicable, and I would not want to be him when he stands before God and gives an account of his life and “ministry.”

I hope continuing media exposure of these scandals will make people wise up about the deception of the “Prosperity Gospel” nonsense.

This is why all christians should model their ministry after the Priesthood. Make them take vows of poverty. If they make any money on their own, let it only be enough to live off of. No extra money for living a selfish life like this man.

Never heard of this case. When Catholic priests aren’t involved, a scandal doesn’t seem to get much press.

I know, right? Sometimes I feel like everyone is against Catholics! :mad:

Not all Catholic priests take a vow of poverty…John Corapi comes to mind…there needs to be some financial oversight for ministry IMO…most Protestant ministers I am acquainted with live well below the financial level their congregation lives at. Most pastors struggle financially…except for some of the larger congregations…most ministers are very under paid considering the amount of hours they put in.



We have a case here in Singapore. A Pastor (also possibly his wife but no case against her at the moment) and 5 others. If found guilty Min 20 years to life! :eek:


Edit: Just noticed min 20 years is for falsifying accounts:o

Italics: My thoughts alone.


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