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Me… Me… Me…, I… I… I…, Me, Me, Me…

I just watched an interview of a young female singing artist tonight, on a late night TV talk show and this person managed to say the words “I” or “Me” 85 times in 6 minutes, that’s an “I” or "Me " about every four seconds.

I have been guilty of this myself, especially when was a young man and I still find myself working on these bad habits from time to time.
This girl doesn’t really bother me but I do have concerns with how self-centeredness and narcissistic people seem to be increasing today. And, this also seems to lead to more and more rude behavior as well. Am I wrong?

I don’t participate in the big three, popular social networking sites for that reason. I don’t text either. There was a recent study that said that the attraction to these sites were driven by narcissism and by voyeurism, two traits that aren’t good traits in a person. Is it just me or is, self-centeredness, voyeurism, and narcissism on the rise in our culture? Or is this a generational thing?

Aren’t these traits the opposite of where we should strive to be, if we are trying to actually increase our goodness, humility, patience and virtue and so on?

Where have all the good virtues gone?

This question is for people here at CAF of any and all denominations’, not just Catholic.

You thoughts?

I’m surprised you took the effort to work that out.:eek:

As far as I am aware Bergman’s 2011 study found that social networking usage and narcissism (measured via the NPI) are unrelated. There’s no reason to think that using facebook is going to make you “narcissistic”. Text messaging won’t harm you either.

It is true that scores on the NPI are higher for the Millennial generation than for older people. However, IQ scores are going up so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Smarts is a virtue amirite?:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what you mean by “voyeurism”.

that’s the main reason i left facebook… i really got so tired of reading the minutiae of everyone’s daily life, posted like it was the most important thing on the planet…

so, you’re going out again? to the bar? with your friends? to look for boys / girls? and don’t you look fabulous in your new clothes? and can you believe what happened to me? again? and again? and now you’re watching tv? really? and now you’re having a snack? amazing!

seems as if this type of posting leads to a more ‘me’ centered perspective which may encourage a selfish worldview…

i know social networking doesn’t cause the sin…but i think it’s a greenhouse where sin can thrive…


If she was being interviewed about herself, then surely those words would be ok? If she was being interviewed about another subject and managed to make it all about herself then that would be self centred.

I get what you’re saying about people being self-obsessed and narcissistic, but if the questions are all about you of course you’re going to use “I” and “me”.

I don’t think this facebook generation is worse, they just have more opportunity to talk about themselves through technology. I’ve known plenty of narcissists in my time!

JustaServant feels that sites like Facebook are a royal waste of time and probably a passing fad.
JustaServant is trying to type this without using any personal pronouns. He dares other posters to try the same.

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Anyway, naracissm is a very strong part of American culture, and it has been for a long time. In fact, there was talk about removing it as a disorder in the DSM (–_an.html), not because it’s not a problem, but because it’s so common that it’s no longer a “disorder”. I think that says a lot about our culture, and I don’t think it’s just facebook. Facebook reveals it, as does reality TV, but it didn’t create it. It’s really a product of the entire culture – American culture celebrates the self. We love cowboys and that’s how we see ourselves – if something good happens to us, it’s because WE did it, if something bad happens, well the world isn’t fair. We don’t like it when others imply teams make things – ever watch the oscars? We don’t want to hear about the technical people who make the movies, and in fact they get their rewards the day before. Stars thanking other people are “musiced” off the stage quickly, while stars who talk about how THEY overcame, or how they are good get all the time they want. We don’t really talk about how other people have helped us, and we’re worried about whether our kid has self confidence.

It seems to ME (lol!) that one of the driving forces behind self centeredness in our culture is the advertising media. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent directing advertising to us and our children that “YOU deserve it” “YOU need it” “YOU have to have it.”

I suppose FB/texting can be a contributor. But I am on FB because I enjoy connecting with others there. It isn’t so much that everything is about me it’s more a sharing. I like to scrapbook and make homemade cards, so I have a lot of online friends in groups that like the same things and we share what we make with each other, get ideas and techniques from each other.

Sometimes FB makes me sad because I see traits in friends that I don’t like. I have a friend who is a hairdresser…she’s rather mixed up person, she’s got some mental issues with depression and anxiety. I do like her, she’s got a good heart. But she’s like a reed in the wind, so easily influenced by other people. She met this “satanist” and she tells me that satanists are “misunderstood” are intelligent, peaceful, etc. She posted this picture last night of a woman dressed up like a devil…with a sentiment of “Love and Blessings to you…Ave Soror Ma’at Ave Satane Lu cifer” on it. So sad, so sick…so misguided. Opening herself up to the king of liars.

Perhaps I’m off topic here. Anyway, my point is that FB and things like it can be good, and wholesome places for people to share information, but can also be a forum for self certeredness and evil as well.

I agree. I have found facebook an excellent way to keep in touch with my family that is spread across the planet. You can easily adjust the settings to expose yourself to what you prefer. It’s not necessary to see everyone’s inane postings if you don’t want to.

Like most things there is good and bad that can be had from it, but if common sense is employed.

Advertising media has played a HUGE role in influencing minds, that is, after all, it’s design. BUT parents have helped create some of the ‘creatures’ (ok, lol children) we shudder at as well. Children that have never heard the word, “no”.
I am not saying all children were raised this way, there are plenty of great kids out there!! So please don’t think I’m implying that. :slight_smile:

Just my :twocents:

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