Me, my faith and I

Every week my faith goes back and forth, I’m ok with it then I’m not. The truth of the reality is that there aren’t many people whom I can share my faith with. Mostly I keep my faith all to myself. Not because I don’t want to share it but because I don’t feel welcome in this world to live my faith out loud. I don’t completely blame the world because my faith is still “young” and needs much growth and strength. Still, it’s hard to grow without really living it and sharing your faith. But in this world, or in my life there aren’t many who I can just strike up a conversation with about God or religion. It’s something I’m learning, you have to be very careful about what you say around who, sometimes even in your own home. I want to live and share my faith more and it can get frustrating at times and like I said I can be ok with it sometimes but not others. I know it can be done I see others whose whole life is surrounded by their faith. I guess that I am really failing at it. Maybe I’m doing it all wrong or maybe this is how it is meant to be, just me, my faith and I?

Rejoice and love the Lord ! You have found a place to talk about your faith here. Just like me and all the other people on this forum. Please pray for me a sinner x

It is not meant to be like that. Our faith needs community, which is the church. And it is a faith that requires evangelising: Jesus asked us to spread the word.

But don’t be alarmed at this. The time for all that has maybe not come yet. I used to feel exactly like you do now. I was so completely alone in my faith for several years and I could never talk to people about it. It took me a long time to become more comfortable opening up to people. I still have a long way to go.

As you say yourself, this is all new and fresh and young. This flower needs to grow and become strong. It takes time. Pray a lot and read about your faith and educate yourself, and talk to people online if you have nobody irl. The time will come for you to get out of your shell and brace the world. It won’t seem so scary and impossible as it does now. God will teach you how and will give you the necessary graces to do it.

So keep this in mind and take it one step at the time, even if they are just baby steps.

Praying for you.

Maybe you should join a catholic organization or participate in some activities in your parish. I too felt isolated for a while even in my own home, my kids fell away years ago, and my spouse is not Catholic. We talk religion sometimes, but it usually turns one sided, I need my friends at the K of C. It reminds me that there are many folks who still believe as I do.

It’s hard for me to get into being involved in my parish all alone. The people I know in church it’s either the whole family or married couples that are involved. Couples are friends with other couples, families with other families. Even though I am married, at church every week I am single. How do I truly and freely become part of my church and fit in this way? This is the way it is.
Thanks for all the encouraging words. It helps to know that I can come here and be a part of this forum.

Is there any charity work done in your parish? Or a prayer group? A Bible study? All the groups I ever joined in church were full of single people: those married (without the spouse attending) and unmarried.

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