Me too!


I will also be giving up CAF for lent:(:thumbsup:. It’s going to be a hard thing to do as I rely on all of you here to keep me sane:blush:. Goodbye my friends I will miss you and can’t wait to come back, have a very blessed and holy Lenten season, I will post again on Easter!!! Bye :wave: my friends:crying: :crying:, I’ll surely miss you!!!


Bye!! Prayers!


You have to sign on if the divorce becomes final, or at least PM, OK?

Hasta! Via con Dios!


You can always sign on on Sundays to say “Hello”

Sundays being a celebration of Easter and a feast day … :wink:


Hey, I thought yesterday was the last day (except Sundays) that you could indulge in what you are giving up :confused:

Just kidding, GOOD LUCK :thumbsup:


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