Meals on Good Friday


I have a question about fasting on Good Friday.

I know it’s two small meals and one larger meal. But does this necessarily need to be breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I never get up early enough to have breakfast, so my first meal will be lunch. But am I allowed then to have a small meal later in the day?

I have hypoglycemia, so I have to be really careful with when I eat. I get near passing out if I don’t eat enough.

Thanks for your help.

From the USCCB website:

Q. Are there exemptions other than for age from the requirement to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday?

A. Those that are excused from fast and abstinence outside the age limits include the physically or mentally ill including individuals suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Also excluded are pregnant or nursing women. In all cases, common sense should prevail, and ill persons should not further jeopardize their health by fasting.

The fast is not binding on people with health conditions. It’s probably too late for today, but you should probably speak to your doctor. Fasting might not be advisable for someone with that health condition.

But to your original question, the meals do not need to be breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunch, “tea time” and dinner would work too.

Thank you. That clarifies things. :slight_smile:

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