Meaning of Crucifix with Skull/Crossbones?

What is the theological meaning in the Catholic faith (if any) of the skull and crossbones? I have a crucifix with a skull/crossbones beneath the crucified Christ. Thanks in advance!

God bless!

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It is a reference to the hill that Jesus was crucified on, Golgotha, meaning “Place of the Skull” (Matthew 27:33, Mark 16:22, Luke 23:33, John 19:17).

There is also a pious tradition that Adam was buried there:

“And He came to the place of a skull.” Some say that Adam died there, and there lies; and that Jesus in this place where death had reigned, there also set up the trophy. For He went forth bearing the Cross as a trophy over the tyranny of death: and as conquerors do, so He bare upon His shoulders the symbol of victory.

So it is first and foremost a reference to the hill on which Jesus was crucified but it can serve as a symbol of Christ’s victory over the death brought by Adam’s sin.

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