Meaning of dream - theories welcome


I recently met a man at church - the local latin mass that I recently started going to. I dreamt of this man - I recognize him from the dream, but could never figure out who he was until now because the dream was 6 or 7 years ago. Any theories about what this could signify? (I have dreamt of things that happened before, but nothing really monumental.) :confused: thanks.


99% of dreams are simply the unconscious processing sensory images received during the day, and do not have a meaning. don’t strain to find one. If there is a meaning or word of knowledge God wants you to have, it will come again waking. It is a huge mistake and potential danger to the spiritual life to look for the supernatural in what are essentially natural processes.


I can remember only a small handful of dreams that were spiritual and came from God, and I am elderly with a long life of living my faith. In each of these dreams, the meaning was given as Puzzleannie said, either with direct inspiration shortly thereafter or a word of knowledge. I shared one of them about a month ago here on the forum, and it is still bearing fruit for me.

Maybe it would help you to remember St. Peter’s dream in Acts 10. Right after his dream, he received the understanding of its meaning when the servants of Cornelius came to his door. God arranges everything to coincide with what we need to learn, and it usually refers to something in our life at that particular moment. So too, St. Joseph was given instructions in his dreams early in the gospel of Luke.

Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what to do, if anything, with respect to this dream. If nothing comes, dismiss it as just one of those coincidences that have no particular significance to you spiritually.


Just to be clear, are you saying that you dreamed of this man 6 or 7 years ago but only now for the first time actually saw the man from this dream? If so, is it possible you could have seen him but had simply forgotten it, at least on a conscious level? I mean, were you living somewhere else 6 or 7 years ago? Or was he living somewhere else? So that seeing him before would have been highly unlikely? Or, conversely, is it possible the man in the dream simply resembled the man you met at the Latin Mass?

I hesitate to cast doubts upon the possible validity of your dream, for i do believe that dreams can carry messages from the Holy Spirit and i believe i have been guided in such a way over the past year…but at the same time i think it is necessary to be cautious and examine alternative possibilities.

But most of all trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit (more so than in humans! perhaps especially this one ;)). In other words, if the Holy Spirit had alerted you to this man through a dream (for how else except through the Holy Spirit could you truly dream of a man years before ever seeing him?) than the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you if you continue to turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

So my advice is to be open to other possible signs. Pray. Ask the Holy Spirit for assistance and to let you know if it had been a true dream.



Most of my dreams make about as much sense as a page of text that had been cut apart and then taped back together by monkeys. They’re fun (well, most of them are) while I’m having them–a new adventure every night when I go to sleep. But they are totally devoid of any meaning whatsoever.



Hello - Bridge,
In the very clear dream I was sitting next to a man - didnt know who he was - thought he was my local, nice priest or a monk. We were in a place where there was a lot of wood (the pews) and that I liked a lot (latin mass church). 6 years later, that’s what we’re doing, sitting close to each other with lots of wood around, and he gave me prayer cards. I never met him before, but he IS the guy I saw in the dream - heavy set and very bald - just like in the dream. I’m just hoping it’s good, don’t need any grief. But isnt it strange.Thanks for your thoughts everyone. :signofcross:


Wow, that is very strange. I wonder what it could mean. Did you find out much about him? His name, background, and so forth? No chance he could be a long lost relative or something along those lines? Assuming you see him again, do you think you’ll mention the dream to him?

Again, though, i would advise to continue to pray and keep asking the Holy Spirit for further guidance in this area.


Not a relative, don’t believe I ever met him.

I don’t want to tell him about the dream cause it’s so strange! (No message in the dream, just this scene, and a nice feeling as I recall). Maybe if I get to know him better - we’ve been sitting near each other now for a couple months. I’ll let you know if anything transpires. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


I agree with puzzleannie completely. From experiences on CAF, I cannot recall a time when she has ever steered me wrong.:thumbsup:


I think everyone dreams every night, but I don’t even remember my dreams anymore. I used to, but for the past five years or so, I just fall asleep in seconds at bedtime and then I am unconscious until morning (most nights, unless I’m worrying about something or one of the children gets me up, or it storms, etc.). It is weird. I’m awake and then I’m not and then it is morning and I don’t remember anything unless I was awakened for some reason. Weird and I hope not too unusual?


I just had a wild thought. Wouldn’t it be something if he also reads these forums and happened to come across this thread? Extremely unlikely, i know. But still, you never know. The irony though is he’d probably read it but wouldn’t think it had anything to do with him. Or then again, perhaps every heavy bald-headed man who attends Latin Mass and who stumbles upon this thread might be wondering “hmmm…could it be me?” :wink:

Do keep us updated if anything new happens :slight_smile:


That is the way it had been with me for many years. I used to tell people that i’d go months without recalling any dreams upon waking. Usually the only time i would remember a dream was if i went to sleep at a different time than usual, disrupting my normal sleep pattern. All of that has changed though over the past year or so when i started to take magnesium/zinc before going to bed. Now i am often awakening to some very vivid, very symbolic dreams. It has been fascinating to me.


Wow, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to sleep like that. At the very least I know that I have dreamt and can recall snippets; usually I can remember whole plot lines. Miss Bonnie and I have a running joke about my wierd dreams.

I also never sleep through the night–nocturia x 2/3/4. Unfortunately, one of those is usually about 0400, and I usually have a hard time getting back to sleep. But I digress.



Those were my thoughts, too. And I certainly agree that prayer to the Holy Spirit for understanding in this case is also a good idea.


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