Meaning of faith: for Protestants ONLY


This poll is only for those who would subscribe to this statement:

All you have to do to be saved is believe in Jesus Christ.

If you agree with the above, what do you mean by “believe”?

I have enabled multiple choice, because I’m asking how many of these things are necessarily involved in saving faith. In other words, you should check each option if and only if you think that a person must do this as part of “believing in Jesus Christ” in the sense required for salvation. (Obviously in the fourth option, following and obeying are a consequence of faith, which is why I said “commit to follow and obey” rather than “follow and obey.”) You should omit each option if and only if you think that a person who does not do this can still be a true believer in Jesus Christ.


Dont forget you need to first realize or admit that you are a sinner in need of a Savior.:thumbsup: I guess that would be repentence(SP?):wink:

I guess you could break it down to

One must first hear the Gospel

Then believe it

Then accept it/recieve it

:smiley: AMEN!!!


Hey there, well said as always ALL

btw I was thinking of the word catalyst, In that believing in Jesus was the catalyst for change. So I decided to look up the word and got;

A chemical substance that increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed; after the reaction it can potentially be recovered from the reaction mixture chemically unchanged. The catalyst lowers the activation energy required, allowing the reaction to proceed more quickly or at a lower temperature.

Think it works still??


Is it possible to see all who’ve voted and how they voted?


Can’t you click on “View Poll Results,” or is that something only I can do?

This is the first time I’ve posted a poll, so I don’t really understand how to do it!



Believe that Jesus is the Son of God **8 72.73%
Believe that your sins are forgiven ** 8
Entrust your whole self to Christ for salvation ** 10 **90.91%
Commit to follow and obey Him ** 9 **81.82%

But then it says only eleven voted and it doesn’t share whom voted what…I voted #3


I allowed for multiple votes. I didn’t particularly want to know who voted what.



What’s your take Edwin?
Just curious!


I voted all four things


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