Meaning of "✝" in written texts

Does anybody know the meaning of the symbol “:latin_cross:” when it is used in written texts? Example of usage: “…in contrast to Paschasius Radbertus (:latin_cross:about 860)”.


I believe it refers to date of death of that person.

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Thanks Jerry. I appreciate the info.

Moreover, in sung prayer - usually in Psalms or Canticles - that “dagger” symbol :latin_cross: is used to indicate what is called a “flex”.

A flex appears when a phrase of the text is unusually longer than the others, and the singers therefore sing to a slightly different tune to accommodate more syllables. Generally, the Psalms are sung in specific tones, and each tone has a different kind of flex, so there are lots of different melodies that can be heard!

Just some general knowledge for you, in case you are reading a prayer, particularly the Divine Office and see the symbol!

God bless!

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