Meaning of Jesus' Name?

I thought I had heard everything but this morning I read a post from someone claiming to be a Christian that Jesus’ Name means “Hail Zeus”. I requested a cite source and was told that ‘they’ will never tell you the truth about this stuff. I would like to know if you or any apologist has EVER heard this claim in the past? I would like to be able to solidly debunk it but I cannot even imagine where to start with something this fantastic.

Thank you for your help.

Jesus’ name in Hebrew is Yeshua. The name in Hebrew loosely means God/Lord is salvation. It was one of the most popular names at the time of Jesus. Even if we were to ignore basic Hebrew root words present in the name, its highly doubtful that devout Jews would have given their children names of pagan gods.

Yeshua was translated into Greek as Iēsous and then later in Latin as Jesus.

The Greek translation of Yeshua comes to us from the authors of the New Testament itself. Are we really to think that devout Jews who became followers of Jesus of Nazareth suddenly wanted to link him to Zeus?

The burden of an argument is always on the one making the claim. I can find no linguistic scholar who supports any link between the names Jesus and Zeus.

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